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2019 College Football Thread...

  1. Maine Black Bears pulled off a big comeback in the 4th quarter against Rhode Island today!!
  2. Sooner Magic Baby. What a comeback!
  3. And now it is Michigan week. :eat:
  4. Poor Oregon.
  5. Yeah, they didn't have ref's cheat for them. That first down spot at the end was absolutely criminal.
  6. tOSU vs Them
  7. Wow, what a great classic "IRON BOWL" as AUBURN wins in a shoot-out 48 -45. WTG!!! Way to "Hold Down The Fort"!!! My favs, da IRISH!, da DAWGS!, and da AUBURN TIGERS! all have WON today. Now if FSU beats FLORIDA, that would be a "QUADFECTA". That's doubtful but ya never know. A great day so far but a lot more games to go. GO NAVY/USMC!
  8. Well, my OSU Buckeyes handed Jim Harbaugh his head again on a platter.
    I won't lie … I was really concerned going into the game. I thought if ever Michigan had a great shot at the upset, this was it.
    Maybe not.
    So now it's on to the Big 10 Championship Game next Saturday night against Wisconsin, who OSU already handled easily back in October. I'm not cocky about it but I like their chances ...
  9. South Carolina was interesting. Lost to Tennessee. Beat Georgia. Slaughtered by Clemson.

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  10. Nothing like winning Bedlam!
  11. Lifelong OSU fan here, but that was an awesome Iron Bowl. Some of the most brutal hitting I’ve seen all year. The Auburn running back who hit the Bama DB in the middle of the chest with his helmet so hard the DB’s helmet flew off was spectacular. That said, glad Bama is out of the final four. Shame the coach had to immediately blame the refs for the loss. Both calls Saban blamed his loss on were good calls. Seriously, haw can you ***** about being called for having 12 men on the field when.....YOU'VE GOT 12 MEN ON THE FIELD!? Math must be harder in Alabama.

    I watched about half the Utes game. Jesus, if they end up in the playoffs it would be an abomination. That is a below average team that stumbled into a winning season.

    BTW, anyone see the Michigan players untie JK Dobbins’ shoe and steal it at the bottom of the pile? At first I thought they were deliberately trying to twist his ankle and injure him. But no, just taking his shoe. Glad it got called a penalty. That was bush league as hell. Surprised it didn’t get more play in the highlights.
  12. That was bizarre. I don't know why it didn't get more play. It should have. It was not a good look for the Michigan program.
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Post deleted.
  15. 5 straight Big 12 titles for Oklahoma! Crazy game.
  16. LSU demolished UGA.

    Going to be interesting to see the quarterback duel if LSU meets OSU sometime during the championship chase
  17. So who gets the 1 spot?
    And why?

    Me personally, I think LSU deserves it.

    Does it matter?
    Not really, ya gotta beat the best to be the best.

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  18. Doesn't matter. It will be LSU vs Clemson in the National Championship game. Those two teams are head and shoulders above Ohio State and Oklahoma. Just my opinion.
  19. My picks
    1 LSU
    2 Ohio state
    3 Clemson
    4 Oklahoma

    LSU AND Clemson for the final

    Clemson winning by 2 scores Clemson has the best passing defense, I dont see LSU scoring at will on them .

    Clemson's 2nd string can score on just about anybody.

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  20. Clemson has played by far the weakest schedule of any of those teams. And they almost lost to UNC. OU and Ohio St always have great games. I wouldn't mind playing Lsu, just don't want to play them in New Orleans.
  21. LSU will win the college championship.
  22. There is some talk about Riley being the next Dallas Cowboy coach. Whether he goes NFL or stays NCAA, he just got a raise by making the playoffs. If OU were to win.........
  23. LSU was the much better team last night.
  24. My heart is broken.
    But it wasn't my fault this time. I did my part and made jambalaya.

    Has anybody seen @studawg170 ? Do we need to put him on suicide watch?

    I agree. And their quarterback deserves the Heisman award.

    I agree. I don't think anybody can beat them.
  25. We will see, I predict Clemson to repeat.

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  26. It’s really hard to tell with Clemson’s schedule.
    By the time the rankings are released today Clemson may not have even played a top 25 team.
    Just off of the top of my head, and because I’m a UK fan, Clemson beat Louisville by about the same score we did, and we’re definitely not a top 25 team.

    I know you know football, but everything is relative. I coach a high school team. If my team played a middle-school schedule all year we’d look pretty good. Would we win state? I dunno, it’s according to how good we really were. But you wouldn’t be able to tell anything by the schedule we’d have played.

    Clemson has the best passing defense of what? Serious question, don’t know if you’re saying for that game, in their conference, or the nation.

    Clemson’s second string may very well be able to score on just about anybody, at least in their conference and the teams they’ve played, so far.
    But they haven’t been playing the level of competition they are about to.

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  27. Calling it now, Ohio State. Yes, I’m a fan.

    However, they showed some grit last night against a tough Wisconsin team. They have too many weapons on both sides of the ball.

    Going to be a fun playoff to watch!

    Go Bucks!
  28. The difference is Clemson got comfortably ahead in that game and and started putting the 2nd and 3rd string in you actually have to watch how they played all year there are very deep very talented ball club.

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  29. People seem to forget what a freshman Trevor Lawrence did to a very good Nick Saban team last year now he is a sophmore and playing much better hes also recently been Running the football more.

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  30. Looking at the schedules, Clemson and LSU had a common opponent.

    Clemson beat Texas A&M 24-10.
    LSU beat them 50-7.

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  31. We got the top 4 teams, why even play the 2 games? Call it a season with LSU on top.
  32. . . . I only watched the first half of Ohio State vs Wisconsin, rooting for Ohio State, partially because I was born in Ohio (moved to Fla and started 4th grade there) and partially because for the last 18 years I've lived in Norman, and I didn't want to see Wisconsin win and totally mess up OUs' shot at getting in the final 4. I was worried: Wisconsin looked like they really wanted it more than OSU. OSU made some good adjustments at half-time. Don't know if we have a chance against LSU, but if nothing else, it will be fun :)
  33. Make them beat Clemson, or maybe they are afraid to play that game?
  34. True, except that “common opponent” crap is a worthless measure.
  35. You’ve already got them over OSU?

    Ed O isn’t scared of anyone.

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  36. Well, I know there’s variables, but worthless, c’mon.
    We have no idea how good Clemson is. They’ve played weak opponents.

    As a high school football coach I can tell you common opponents are the best indicator of how you will fair against an upcoming opponent.

    The eye-test only works when you’re seeing them play against good competition.

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  37. Y’all do realize that Clemson and OSU has to play first, right?

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  38. Washington Redskins had defeated Chicago Bears 7–3 in a regular season game three weeks earlier in Washington. Then in the NFL championship game the Bears beat the Redskins 73-0.

    Can’t get much more of a “common opponent” than the same team.
  39. While there are outliers, and, as I stated before, variables.
    Do you have a better way?

    I can watch film on an upcoming opponent all week long, but unless I know something about the team they’re playing , I have no idea how good/bad that team really is.
    This past season we payed a team in the fourth week of the season, they were 4-0. They looked really good on film. Throwing the ball all over the place. We, as of yet, had no common opponents.
    We beat them 52-12.
    Seeing a team play is one thing, but unless you know the opponent, you have no idea how good they really are.
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  40. Clemson by 13

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  41. Could be true, could be more.
    Could be wrong.

    I have no idea how good Clemson is because I have nothing to go on except their record.

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  42. I'm actually surprised Alabama did'nt somehow make it into the top 4.......... :headscratch:
    :elephant: :elephant: :elephant: :elephant:
  43. Sticking with it?..

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  44. Quick poll, is LSU this good or was OU that bad?

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  45. Some of both but LSU is clearly good.
  46. LSU is just that damn good.
  47. What a comeback by Clemson! Hella game.
    They overcame some seriously sloppy play. They were flat in that first half. Lucky to go into the locker room down just two.

    Trevor Lawrence is legit. He ran for 109 yards and a TD. He saved that game.

    That said, I think LSU beats them by 12, if not more.
  48. LSU vs Clemson. I’d like to say it will be a good game, but I think the Louisiana Tigers will beat the South Carolina Tigers. I will root for Clemson though.
  49. yep thought they would have at least 35 it hurt them not Having Higgins up to par.
  50. number one offense vs number one defense, I'm taking Clemson.
    At least the top 3 teams in the playoffs were game, Oklahoma has no defense really , I look for UGA to destroy Baylor.
    Clemson has a great secondary, OSU had one interception all year Clemson had two picks and at least two that could have been tonight, underestimate them if you will they are a total team and coached very well.