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2019 College Football Thread...

  1. Yup gophers are 9-0.
  2. D.
  3. Maine Black Bears won again this afternoon....against some college in North Caroline I've never heard of...but a win is a win!!
  4. Yeah, wtf is a “Golden Gopher”
    ...... I am depressed.
  5. Not as depressed as the state of Alabama.

    It was a defensive struggle. They struggled to play defense.
  6. Gophers who dislike defenders of child rapists? Just guessing why people dislike that team. It could be anything...
  7. No one defended anyone. When it came to the surface Sandusky was cooked. Paterno
    was a figurehead who couldn't even process what transpired.
    Why would you tar an entire school and hundred’s of thousands of alumni and students with the actions of one very bad person (and a doddering old fool who should not have even been there).
    You insult coaches of today that never had anything to do with the incudent. Players who at the time were in middle school.
    That is pathetically small minded.

    Just so you know, outside of the Ivey league Penn State is consistently in the top schools recruited by leading companies.
    Despite the NCAA trying to destroy the program it only took two years to rebuild.

    It was a thread about football and you go there 7 years later.
  8. What is your top 4? Assuming Clemson continues to play a weakish schedule.
  9. No, like you said, I insult the people that were there. And a doddering old fool who looked the other way. I'm not sure what recruitment by leading companies has to do with rape. I have nothing against the players. I have everything against the program. Be mad. It's ok.
  10. Well I have never been a Penn State fan at all, like ever, but they(Penn State) paid their dues. Paterno was a big schmuck and was guilty of being quiet, very guilty of being quiet, he got what he deserved and rightly so. DISGRACED!!! I'm happy Penn State is back, but a thousand times happier that a huge underdog beat them. Minnesota is 9-0, last time with that stat...1904. WTG!!!
  11. LSU
  12. I think I agree with this.
  13. I don't have any personal attachments to any of them. They always win. Doesn't that make it a bit boring?
  14. As you should be.
    The Rodents deserved the W.
    I never said anything remotely otherwise.
    Penn State turned the ball over and dropped very catchable passes. Their #1 defense didn’t show up.
    The team that played better today won.
  15. Yes.
    If you have ever been to Tuscaloosa or LSU it’s not football it’s a religion.
  16. I'd like to see Penn play against Clemson. My money would be on Penn.
  17. Penn, on paper would have a chance.
    Problem with Penn this year is their play is variable. They have been winning but some they just pulled out of their backsides after goofing most of the game.
    All this is to say I wouldn’t bet against Clemson
  18. I could see the case (and it obviously will happen) for some team taking over that spot for now. It will be Clemson, but I just don't see why.

    Go, Kentucky! :)
  19. That makes more sense. When he stated he knew the friend since the summer after HS I figured there was more to the story and this wasn't someone he had known for a long time and likely had school or professional ties which makes the loan a violation.
  20. Paterno knew and covered it up, it's all there in Freeh's investigation. The program deserved the death penalty and was let off easy. Look at what happened to SMU and that was over paying players, not raping kids.
  21. Sounds good, other than the fact it has been specifically reported on (by sources very unkind to OSU typically) that it was NOT an agent.
  22. Absolutely correct.

    I still remember vividly when Sandusky shockingly resigned, in the prime of his coaching career (and decades younger than 'ol Joe Pa). He was reigning national assistant coach of the year, and the multiple decades architect of "Linebacker U", a very likely successor to Paterno. Ol Joe was at the press conference for the perv's retirement, and very conspicuously and oddly did not speak. Damn right Joe knew.
  23. Well, speaking of SMU they have taken decades but have come back from the dead and good for them. As far as Penn State, the two that were the cause of the mess got what they deserved, I don't believe the school deserved the death penalty. The school, alum, and all trusted Paterno and he let them down when he could've stopped the crap years earlier he did nothing. He was like those three monkeys. One with hands over the eyes, one with hands over the ears, and one with hands over the mouth. As far as I'm concerned Paterno was as guilty as the purp and should have gone to prison, had to settle for ruin and disgrace. Sayonara.
  24. 1.) LSU
    2.) OHIO STATE
    3.) CLEMSON
    6.) Thru 10.) SEE ABOVE.

    Yup, gonna be very interesting come this Tuesday. Later.
  25. 1.) LSU
    2.) OHIO STATE
    3.) CLEMSON
    4.) Georgia
    5.) Alabama
    6.) ?
  26. I'm kind of sad UGA won't get a chance to play Alabama again, but I'm happy for LSU.

  27. No SEC bias there.
  28. I think LSU should be #1. They deserve it.
  29. As do I (sure seems the Tide has a problem with 3rd string Ohio State QB's). I was referring to PB's inability to name any non-SEC team outside of the two programs that hammered Alabama in the playoffs.
  30. 1 LSU
    2 The Ohio state University
    3 Clemson
    4 Minnesota
    Let Bama beat a top ten team to get back in undefeated is undefeated .

    OHIO STATE still has Penn State on its schedule and anything can happen , LSU will likely see UGA in the SEC championship so they could fall as well.

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  31. It’s absurd. I hope I live long enough to see the NCAA smoldering on the ash heap of history.
  32. Ya, what he said.

    What a bunch of bums dose guys. Hey youz guys...forgetaboutit!!!


  33. MIN-EH-SO-DUH...YA, YA, YOU, BETCHA! Seriously, maybe they should in somewhere around #10 but that's just my humble opinion. It's not just that they are 9-0, they beat the number 4 team in the country. Sure they were at home, but hey we're talkin' Minnesota here, and they were playing a very confident, well coached, and strong Penn State team. So come on, if you were taking a straight up bet, win or lose, wouldn't you take Penn State in that Vegas bet? That being said, I was rooting for Minnesota all the way, a classic underdog, and I didn't make any bets. WTG GOLDEN GOPHERS! That's why I watch football all day on Saturdays. Sayonara.

  34. True, but from what I've seen on the field, Ohio State is playing head and shoulders above everyone else, even LSU (defense is #1 in the country, and offense rarely plays first string in the second half).
  35. Clemson would kick their ass six ways from Sunday and would not even break a sweat.
  36. Top 4 right now?
    Ohio State
  37. Top 4:
    Ohio State
    Ohio State’s 2nd string.
  38. LSU will be #1. GEAUX SEC!
  39. Clemson would drop over 30 on the Bengals. Can you let me pretend for a few days? The University of Cincinnati could probably put up 30 on the Bengals.

  40. Per a league source, the “family friend” who loaned money to Ohio State defensive end Chase Young is an NFLPA-certified agent.

    Even though the money, according to Young, has been repaid, the mere act of extending the loan constitutes an apparent violation of applicable NFLPA regulations and Ohio law.

    The NFLPA prohibits agents from “[p]roviding or offering money or any other thing of value to any player or prospective player to induce or encourage that player to utilize his/her services.” Ohio law provides that agents may not “[l]oan or advance money to an athlete or the family or friends of an athlete in connection with the recruitment or solicitation of the athlete.”
  41. I would flip 2 and 3, bu that's really picky. Those have to be the top 4 right now, in my non-qualified opinion.
  42. Again what you are posting is at odds with what is being reported everywhere else.
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  44. Clemson plays its second and third string for most of the second half they would beat Penn State with their back up QB.

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  45. I would've bulldozed the entire football complex including the stadium. But from what I've seen it's not in great shape anyway.

    Looks like a giant erector set:

    I actually sorta pulled for Penn State until that disgrace. Now I want to see them lose and lose badly every time they touch the field.

    IIRC the whole damn thing went all the way up to the AD.

    I don't have an issue with LSU above Clemson. I just want Clemson in the top four.

    As to scheduling - Clemson has a problem few other teams do - an arch-rival in another conference. That takes up one of the four non-conference games. Clemson has A&M (this year, who started out #12) and SC, with A&M being home and SC away. With the four conference home games that makes five home. Which means the last two have to be home games. Since teams really need 7 home games a year, that means that you need two more non-P5 teams (a P5 team would want a home-and-home series).
  46. Some people are griping because Clemson "ran up the score" on NC State. What they forget is that Clemson played 2nd and 3rd team most of the second half, and that NC State's HC is a ********.
  47. Gopher fan here. I grew up a Cheesehead. All my family/friends are Badger/Packer fans. I live in MN now and have always been a Gopher/Viking fan. My home town was on the WI/MN border and we got all our news/sports from the TC.

    We know how to root for mediocre teams. When the Twins win the division we know they will have to go thru the Yankees to get to the WS. But it's still fun to watch Twins games all summer. We console ourselves with the fact that we don't have to live in that S**t Hole (a Trump expression) of NYC. The New Yawkers can't catch walleye off their dock for dinner.

    The Vikes are usually a pretty good team - not top tier. But close enough to TT to be fun to root for - they can knock off anyone on a given Sunday.

    Gophers? Yes - it's been fun this year. The Penn State game was a gas - I was afraid the missed call on the snap of the ball - the last PS touchdown - was going to cost us the game. We're used to such theatrics. But we won and it was great! I think we are now rated #7. Most of us know there are more than 6 teams in the country who a better than we are. They just played a tougher schedule - Oklahoma, Oregon, Georgia, ALABAMA, etc. But we are having fun right now. My season will be compete with a drubbing of Wisconsin!
  48. Well I'll be rooting for them as well, least this season, and unless they play any of my favs. ND, UG, AUB, FSU. If the game of Minn and Wisc is televised in my area I'll watch it. Later.
  49. UGA vs Auburn today. Jambalaya is on the stove.

    Auburn was my fave away game when I was cheerleading at UGA. Beautiful campus and town.
  50. WOOF!