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2019 College Football Thread...

  1. WVU will get another beat down.
  2. Ohio State demonstrated they are very talented and very well coached. They will be hard to beat.
  3. Maine Black Bears won today!!!
  4. On Wisconsin... Ya, crapped on by Ohio State 38 to 7. Sayonara.
  5. O-H!
  6. Auburn @ LSU...Let's go TIGERS!!!

    Now I can't lose on dat one...Sayonara.
  7. I-O!
  8. Well that sucked.
  9. South Caroline took Georgia off the undefeated list last week. Today Tennessee best South Carolina handily. 41 - 21

    Cliches become cliches for a reason.

    “On any given Saturday...”

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  10. Well that may be, but they sure played a heck of a lot better than Notre Dame. Coach Kelly takes a hit on that game as the IRISH were totally unprepared. It's not like it just rained on Notre Dame and not Michigan...damn what a drubbing the Irish got.

    Oh well that's just a game, right now, people are being evacuated less than 50 miles north of me. 50,000 plus from Sonoma County and the "Kincade" Fire just 10% contained. Pretty safe around here, but the Santa Cruz mountains ain't that far away. Prayers to all in harm's way. Later.
  11. Well Alabama will just have to make sure the National Championship isn't on a Saturday. Sayonara.
  12. ND got the crap kicked out of them by a better, more physcal team.
  13. Roll Tide!

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  14. Looks like a big win. Who did they play?
  15. Lowly Arkansas...bye week next, then LSU.

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  17. That was the most ill prepared ND team I have seen in years and the game plan and effort sucked.

    Yes, Michigan May be a decent team but they are no Ohio State, Alabama, LSU or Clemson and will probably lose two more games this year.

    ND needs a better quarterback and several of the older players need to be benched for the younger ones. The OL needs to have a major attitude adjustment and a new coach- their performance has declined steadily since Quinn replaced Harry Heistand. There has been zero improvement since the first game of the year. Several of the guys on defense also seem to have regressed.
  18. Well its only been a few times that I have turned a Notre Dame game off and switched channels, and yesterday was one of them. It's not like I didn't think ND couldn't be beat, it was just an extremely lackluster performance by all involved. One of Coach Kelly's worst coaching jobs. As far as I'm concerned Notre Dame needs a new coach. They have gone as far as they can with Kelly. Later.
  19. Well not that ND was even going to get to the playoffs that was one of the very worst performances that I have seen, at least on the college level. On the pro level, there was the Raiders performance in that Super Bowl against the Tampa Bay Bucaneers, I mean the Raiders looked like they had been drugged playin' that game in a daze. Sayonara.
  20. Isn’t LSU #2? If they beat Bama, that might keep Bama out of the SEC championship game. And if Bama doesn’t play in and win that game, will they even be in the hunt for national Championship?

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  21. LSU moved to number one this week.As to your questions:

    1. Yes
    2. Bama could still get in; happened before.

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  22. Ole Miss could still beat LSU - a guy can dream, can't he :) ?

    In other news the 'Canes beat Pitt :dancing:
  23. Helps when they get VOTED into the opportunity, even if it is a rematch against a team that already beat them.
  24. Precisely my point.
  25. I'm an LSU/Saints/Astros fan. What a weekend!
  26. I’m with you on the latter two...

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  27. Anybody going to the UGA v Florida game next Saturday?

    Paging @studawg170 . Please pick up the white courtesy phone in the lobby.
  28. well my Texas Tech Red Raiders have hit rock bottom this year.......bring on basketball season ! lol
  29. Well my team Notre Dame shares that same space. UFO(Rock Group 70s/80s) played a song about this area called, appropriately "Rock Bottom". I think the playoffs will be SOSDD, same-same with the National Championship. Alabama, LSU, Ohio State, Clemson...just mix and match, but in the end my money is on the team that sells soap. Later.

    PS: Chicago Bears University also shares that "Rock Bottom". Almost in SB last year, to a big, fat "Nose-Dive" this year, and I'm not laying it all yon the field goal kicker either. The offense has been so bad that they are taking the defense along with them. Bear season is over. If they played Alabama, the Bears would get whooped 28-0. Vent over, Sayonara.
  30. I will always root for ND, I have no choice. But after the Michigan game I don’t have much interest in the rest of this season. Kelly needs to pull the trigger and bench Book, see if Jurkovec can actually be next year’s QB because Book needs to transfer to a MAC team. He has no chance whatsoever to play at the next level, so get his ND degree and move on.

    If Kelly does not replace QB coach, OL coach, and OC he is a moron. The only exception may possibly be OC, since his game plans are handcuffed by poor talent at the skill positions. They will have more talent there next year.
  31. Well ditto on the always root for. I may get really PO'd at ND, but I will always stick with them, same as the Chicago Bears. I still think it's time for a coaching change at Notre Dame, starting with Kelly. However I'm far from an expert on these things. It's not been a good football year for me with both the Irish and the Bears both knocked out of even the remotest hint of even gettin' in a playoff game. At least the S.F 49ers are 7-0, and I just love Kittles and also that bad-a** defense. Sayonara.
  32. Nice to see Penn State in the top 4 for the playoffs. Ultimately either PSU or tOSU will probably make the playoff, but not both.

    Clemson will make it because they play no one. If they lose to anyone on their schedule, they don’t deserve to make the playoff.

    LSU and Bama play each other, but the loser could conceivably recover.

    Oregon or Utah could make it if one wins out. Same with Oklahoma and Baylor.

    Minnesota could conceivably make it if they win out, but they got to 8-0 playing no one as well. Penn State should take care of them this weekend.
  33. Looking forward to Saturday, particularly to see how Ohio State looks after a bye and starting the CFP rankings at the top.
  34. I doubt the Buckeyes will even raise a sweat beating down a 44 1/2 point underdog Maryland team.
  35. Penn State, OSU, and Minnesota will sort themselves out. Only one is getting in. That means that Clemson is in if we (they) win out.

    Clemson - hey, we tried. A&M was ranked at the start of the season. They might be decent - I think their losses are to Alabama, Auburn, and maybe LSU?. South Carolina - weeeellllllll - by state law we gotta play them.

    I could see a scenario where Bama loses without Tua (ruled out this weekend), then gets in by sitting on their asses while LSU has to play UGA (I guess). It's happened before. Because Bama.

    Not sure on Okie/Baylor or Oregon/Utah. There may be pressure to let a PAC-12 team in after the past couple of years.
  36. Same Pitt team that gave PSU a handfull I think.
  37. Miami has had a weird season - they beat Virginia but lost to Georgia Tech - go figure :dunno:. I don't dislike Pitt, but I was glad Miami beat them since Pitt spoiled their undefeated record a couple of years ago. And beating the 'Noles last weekend in Tallahassee was sweet.
  38. Except that now there's a complication: Chase Young, OSU's star defensive lineman, has been suspended while the school looks into "possible NCAA violations".
    It's problematic on a number of levels, not that Ohio State needs Young in the lineup for this particular game. But if it ends Young's season, it could cause issues. And, worse, if this so-called "NCAA violation" results in some kind of punishment to the Buckeyes, it could wipe out their national championship possibilities.
  39. That’s not their biggest worry the biggest worry is winning the rest of their season clean which might not happen.
    Penn State might be able to put together a solid season

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  40. D.
  41. We'll see ...
    That's why they play the games.
  42. Pigs will fly before the Buckeyes get punished by the NCAA.
  43. Turns out he took a loan in violation of NCAA rules. Paid it back. I figure he will sit out one game, maybe even rest for the Rutgers game, and tOSU will see no penalty.
  44. It’s happened before, you know. Just ask Jim Tressel.
  45. So a personal friend cannot loan you money to fly your girlfriend out to California to watch you play in the Rose Bowl? Money which you paid back?
    Herbstreet says a 4 game suspension for that.
    If that’s the NCAA standard, and they’re going to stick to that, any athlete who has participated in a round of drinks being bought by someone else deserves the same sort of scrutiny. (Which would be almost all of them...and BYU is your national champion by default.).
  46. I predict his suspension will be reduced to two (meaningless) games on appeal to the NCAA.

    The amount of the loan was more than a couple of drinks.

    These morons are taught the rules and if they choose to violate them, screw ‘em.

    They will be able to earn money while playing soon enough. Likely the only ones who will make money will be the ones who won’t really need it since no one cares about players who won’t be certain NFL high draft choices.

    FBS college football and Div 1 basketball have been a cesspool of corruption for decades and nothing will change that.
  47. Minnesota beats Penn St.
  48. Word is that the "friend" is a NFL-PA certified agent. Not sure it's as innocent as it sounds.
  49. [​IMG]

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