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2019 College Football Thread...

  1. FIFY
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  3. Well, that sucked.
    One of the sloppiest games I've seen in a while. Ten sacks, really? 10?!?! Despite that though, we were one missed chip shot field goal from winning this ****-show.
    We can build on this one.
  4. They really need to do away with preseason rankings.
  5. That game was sloppy. Florida's defense ate up Miami's o line.
  6. Wreck em Tech !
  7. The real blow for the 'Canes (IMHO) was the ref missing the Gator false start on fourth down. Williams has definitely got some growing pains as evidenced by all the false start and delay of game penalties.
  8. Gator Bowl.jpg
  9. So far so good on both your concerns.
  10. They are pretty much harmless since they don’t mean anything. The real rankings for FBS playoff positions don’t start until November 5.
  11. Ohio State is looking very impressive. Should be a good one when Sparty comes to town Saturday.
  12. <<<<<<<<<<<<So far so good.
  13. Another year where it's hard to be an Ole Miss fan.
  14. Been missing this thread...

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  15. I sure hope Rutgers sucks bad and it wasn't a real improvement for ttun...

  16. Doesn’t take many willing to pay $10K for a seat to charter a plane.

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  17. Looked for a while like my Vols were going to have a perfect season, but they up and beat Chattanooga.

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  18. So, Auburn or the Gators? Should be a good one.

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  19. Well it was a very bittersweet game to watch as my two favs(Notre Dame1 Georgia2) battled it out in Georgia. Notre Dame lost but they play a close and respectable game at least. I hope Georgia wins the National Championship, if not them then Auburn. Notre Dame has a snowballs chance in hell of winning it but I still love DA IRISH anyway. image.jpeg
  20. Accidently hit reply, meant to just PS the above post. So I'll PS the above reply anyway.

    Did anyone watch the Auburn at Mississippi game? I just peaked in but I really got faked out, just for a split second and thought it was Georgia. Why? Well an Auburn reciever went out of bounds in the left corner area and ran into/bumped a Bulldog, the dog scooted away but instantly turned to bite and fight that Auburn player who was lucky he was leashed. Just for an instant I thought it was "UGA", but the dog was what do you call it, Brindle? Anyway, I did have a Georgia moment.
  21. Auburn, they are the college equivalent of the Chicago Bears current defense. Sayonara.
  22. Well it was announced recently that College Football's ESPN show GAMEDAY will be in Dublin, Ireland to start of the 2020 season. I'll have to get up real early to watch that show. Sayonara.
  23. Oops ;)
  24. Yeah a big oops for Auburn. Remember that commercial, something like "Along go troubles(Nat'l Title Hopes) down the drain". Well I sure hope the Chicago defense does't so likewise. In my comparison however I was really comparing speed. Florida at home is always a chore, but at 5-0(Now 6-0) they are a real handful. I thought going into the weekend that that game was going to be the best competition of Saturday.

    Tennessee is playing Georgia tough tho, but Georgia I'm sure will prevail. Watched some of that "College 150 Years" shows they been having on, I never realized how much impact and proud history that Tennessee had. I wish them well but there season is already f***ed up. Sayonara.
  25. UGA didn't start off too good against UT.

    We had the Florida - Auburn game on before UGA (I confess, a few of my guests are Gators). It looked to me like Auburn ran out of gas in the second half. Especially that big fat guy #5 who fell down running with the fumble. Maybe the heat wore Auburn out.
  26. Well I like Auburn but hey they got whooped. Maybe they would have won if the game was played in their house but it wasn't. Both teams came into the game undefeated so somethin' had to give. What an atmosphere in that stadium, that's what college football is all about. It's gonna be somethin' to see, what do they call it, "The World's Largest Cocktail Party" when Georgia and Florida play.

    Meanwhile, Notre Dame will play USC, the longest cross country rivalry in football. This will be a tough game no matter where it's played. I sure hope that Georgia can end up winning the National Championship but they still have some very tough tests down the road, one of them being that game against Florida. Sure I'd like Notre Dame to win it all, but it's an uphill battle to even get to those playoffs.

    Finally, did you see that reciever of Auburn run into Mississippi State's Bulldog mascot(Beautiful brindle Bulldog) in the corner just outside the field? That Bulldog really moved fast gettin' out of the way. Sayonara.
  27. Some of your guests... image.jpeg

  28. I go to that game every year. We have fun "boatgating".

    No, I missed that. But I did see the Texas longhorn chase my sweetie Uga last year at the Sugar Bowl.

    LOL. There is a resemblance to some of them.
  29. Two words:
    State. :cheers:
  30. I'm sitting here ready for the UGA - SC game. Black hair bow today.

    I didn't cook anything, but there are hot dogs and hamburgers in the fridge in case anyone drops by.
  31. Well I had ta bike to the store early like just before nine. My city has an Art & Wine Festival and my grocery store is right at the end. They are all setting up their stuff. I had to get some donuts, hamgurger and buns for today. Gonna be around 75 degrees today, no wind, "Indian Summer" continues, so I'll be puttin' some burgers on da grill, right around when the [email protected] Dame starts.

    Now about your fav, and my second fav, GEORGIA. After getting home after going to the store I turned on the TV and the Georgia game with a minute or so left in the half, just enough to catch a "Pic-Six" by South Carolina. Well Georgia will take care of business in the second half and I am confident they will come from behind and win the game. GO GEORGIA!!!


  32. I am being blamed for the UGA loss because I didn't make jambalaya.

    So I guess it's my fault LOL.
  33. Not a very well coached game by Georgia, so it wasn't your fault. Sad, very sad to be beaten by an unranked team in your own house. Poor UGA must have been throwing up in his doghouse. So it was a bittersweet day for me, sure dampened the day even when Notre Dame beat USC. South Carolina's HUNGER beat Georgia's HOMEFIELD. Still, a lot of football left in the season. Sayonara.
  34. Long delay in post being actually posted causing a triple post. Later.
  35. Such a huge delay in post being posted, caused a triple- header posting. Later.
  36. I'm sure Uga was fine, laying on his bag of ice LOL.

    Hopefully the Dawgs learned from this and now know they have to do more than just show up to win, even in Sanford Stadium. Some big games coming up, Florida and Auburn.
  37. Ain't nothing like beating Texas!
  38. Gotta' say, the backup QB's aren't looking too shabby (Jalen Hurts, Joe Burrow & Justin Fields).
  39. [​IMG]
  40. Why sure there is...Notre Dame beating USC... The longest cross-country rivalry there is.
  41. OH-IO
  42. Yeah we went to the game -travelled from CA as it was my sons 21st birthday-a junior at ND. Pretty exciting.

    I dunno about the rankings though. Cmon, I'm a fan but ND ranked above Georgia...when Georgia beat them a few weeks ago? Silly. I don't get why ND is ranked so high as their schedule is so weak.

    I'm not impressed with the GA QB thats supposed to be such hot stuff.

    I am really looking forward to that Bama/LSU game in a few weeks. Coach O has turned that program around....bringing in the Saints QB coach and others that have really helped that program. I think that game is a toss up.

    Contrast that to USC that can get the same quality of recruits and isn't even ranked.
  43. Well here is my take on that ratings business. First it's an ever flowing kinda rocket science. What I think happened was Notre Dame lost a very, very close game AT Georgia ranked 3 at the time. Georgia lost at HOME to an unranked team. At least Notre Dame won for your special road trip game, that's what's most important. GO IRISH!!! Sayonara.
  44. It's all politics & has been for many yrs, kinda funny when Sat College Gameday comes on to watch those guy's scramble through the show to do there best to avoid "The Question"
    Love the show & the guy's they are great, but after weeks like last week to yet again see the standings just makes you :dunno:
    Certain conferences do nothing wrong & others are'nt even on the map.
    Lose a game within the 1rst couple of weeks & drop 2 spots, lose a game week 10 & now your off the charts.
    Then the team that lost early in the yr is in the playoffs, while the other team with identical record is playing a bowl game before Thanksgiving........

  45. Well usually at the end of the regular season at least two of the four playoff teams are undefeated, so a team that doesn't want to fret about anything needs to be one of those teams. I don't like OHIO STATE but that doesn't change the fact they are a very, very, good team this year. If they keep it up they'll be one of those two teams. Shoot, I just hope Notre Dame gets there(Playoffs). GO IRISH!!! Next year College Gameday kicks off in DUBLIN, IRELAND! OOORAH!!!
  46. I would like to see the Irish make the playoffs but it won't happen for 2 reasons:

    1. They have huge talent and speed compared to recent Irish teams, but they do have some pretty big holes. I think next year they will be unbeatable.

    2. ND is probably the only "Power 5" team that absolutely can not make a 4 team playoff with one loss. Everyone says- well they should joing a conference- Bull. My only gripe is that there is any chance whatsoever, under the current 4 team playoff scheme, for teams in a conference to have an opportunity to make the final 4 if they do not win their Conference championship.

    In an ideal world as far as I am concerned, there would be no conference championship games, all teams would play 12 games, and there would be an 8 team playoff. No FBS team that plays an FCS team would be eligble to make the playoffs.
  47. Holy Mackeral!!! Illinois upsets Wisconsin. At home, Illinois a usual bottom-feeder of Big Ten upsets Wisconsin 24-23!!! WTG Illinois!!! Sayonara.
  48. Well Halloween will be on a Thursday, and there will be a college football game on that night. I think the game will be on ESPN. Anyway, it will be West Virginia vs. Baylor in Waco, Texas. Guess ya might say it's gonna be a little wild in Waco on a Thurday night, that like oh, just happens to be HALLOWEEN 2019. I'm not a fan of either team, but I will be watching for sure. BOO!
  49. Well I guess the Sooner Schooner crash was just a hint at another crash. The #5 Sooners lose at Kansas State...holy mackeral!!! image.jpeg image.jpeg