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2019 College Football Thread...

  1. ...and so it begins.

    Indiana is (once again) the scariest team everybody overlooks.

    Pro Tip: Book a couple tickets on the Delta Air Lines flight from South Bend to Atlanta on September 20th. Show up at the airport several hours early and say you’ll accept $10k for your seats...10k each.
    That was the offer last year at the gate for the ATL-South Bend flight.
  2. Uh...Indiana was 2-7 last year. Nobody is scared of them.
  3. Irish!
  4. If someone wanted seats why wouldn't they just buy them right now since a ton are available on Stubhub at around $400 each?
  5. Tickets for the flight to Atlanta, not the game itself.
  6. When does it start?

    How is Minnesota going to be?
  7. Greatest time of the year, college football. Pulling for the men in Maize and Blue.
    Go Michigan!
  8. University of Kentucky
    Florida State University
    University of Wyoming

    Go Cats, Seminoles, and Cowboys!!!
  9. Whole lotta Big 10 teams in the current rankings with ****** Ohio State leading that pack. I'd rather see Michigan take the Big 10 over Ohio.

    I bleed Michigan State Green & White, but I doubt this is their year.
  10. Boomer
  11. OSU.jpg
  12. upload_2019-8-19_20-19-14.jpeg

    Great scheduling for the opener. Should be a good one!

    Miami-Florida is a rivalry that needs rekindling, after the cowards ducked us in the ‘80’s.
  13. I think the Big 10 is going to be the most exciting conference to watch this year, and I think the Huskers are going to surprise a lot of people with how fast the right coach can turn things around.
  14. Sooner!

  16. [​IMG]

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  17. [​IMG]
  18. Rolltide
  19. Which one are you?

    As far as the season goes, it’s gonna be Alabama or Clemson. Nobody is beating Clemson and Alabama has a huge chip on their shoulders. UGA and UF will battle it out in the East but OU, Ohio State or anyone else isn’t winning the Natty. BAMA- Clemson for the title.

    South Carolina got a murder schedule to. Gotta play Clemson, BAMA, UGA and Florida. A&M as well.

    My playoff prediction is BAMA, Clemson, Texas and UGA. Ohio State takes a step back as does OU. I’m rooting for Jalen Hurts to have a great year but I think Texas gets him in the Big 12-2.
  20. Texas Lol
  21. is this crap still going on? This is why I don't watch the NFL

  22. HUSKERS. Haven’t been this excited for a season in years.
  23. I see maybe three of those but Texas?, I don’t think so.
  24. Well another great football year coming up very soon. I've been a Notre Dame fan since I was a young kid, even tho my dad wanted me to like the "Fighting Illini" of the University Of Illinois. Well I'm not Catholic, but I am a quarter Irish. I have no idea how well they will do this year, but hey anything is possible. The Irish are ranked 9 so that ain't too bad, we'll see. GO IRISH!!! image.jpeg


  25. I hope they do well. As a UCF fan I am rooting for Frost to turn it around. He’s a good guy. As far as the Knights go, I don’t have high expectations this year. They still haven’t picked a QB and they won’t catch people napping anymore. Oh well, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.
  26. It's so Alabama to spell "y'all" wrong. :animlol:
  27. [​IMG]
  28. Read a good article today (SI I think) about which teams the preseason poles over or under rated.
    I was stunned to see that OSU is UNDER rated at #5?!
    Apparently the most talent returning with the best QB. Just need a defense to keep the opponents under 40. Sorta like last decade’s Oregon Ducks...with a defense.
  29. What moron would pay that for a commercial flight from South Bend when they could buy in advance or just drive to Chicago and catch a flight?
  30. Brother, I’m just telling you that last year, while at the gate in ATL, the offer was $10k to give up your seat from Atlanta to South Bend.
  31. That pic is of a recent UGA cheerleading team, I just copied it from the internet.
    Alabama has beaten UGA two years in a row. Hopefully third time will be a charm for us.

    Daddy always rooted for ND. Until I went to UGA LOL.
  32. If you ain't a Gator, you're Gator bait!

  33. [​IMG]
  34. Meme makers aren’t from Alabama. Winning is done much better!

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  35. Well my favorite college football teams are:
    Notre Dame
    Florida State
    Good luck to both Georgia and Notre Dame.
  36. Gonna be a rough year for K-State, but I’ve got my season tickets and hotel reservations in place.
  37. While they may be arguably the least scary team in the SEC- I have to stay with Ole Miss...
  38. Go Vols! Maybe make it to a bowl game this year.

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  39. I root for ND too, as long as they're not playing UGA (I went to Catholic school).
  40. OH-IO...

    I am apprehensive about our new QB and hiring defensive coordinator from that school up north...

    But we are usually ranked behind them preseason even though they haven't had a team since '06
  41. Wasn't it last year that Georgia took on Notre Dame at the "Golden Dome" and won the game? It was a classic for sure but Notre Dame lost by a few points. Well at least my second favorite team is the team who beat them, bittersweet that game. I guess UGA really had his "Mojo" going on that one. Sayonara.
  42. Coaches 1.jpg
  43. Geaux Tigers!
  44. [​IMG]
  45. ND has quite a few holes to fill and had a couple significant injuries in the fall practice, but most teams do.

    Recruiting has been good. They have some excellent defensive coaches. I’m not sold on the offensive coaching. Kelly seems to have finally understood what it takes to win.

    Running back and linebacker are untested. No one behind Book has shown anything at QB so if he gets hurt they will be in trouble.

    The offensive line is another question mark.

    Overall, they have more true athletes than ever but they have to prove themselves.

    I am set to go out for 3 games. The overall schedule looks to be difficult but a lot depends on how Georgia, Michigan, Southern Cal and Stanford actually perform. I don’t expect another 12-0 season but if they beat Michigan and USC I will be satisfied.
  46. Yes. And next month Notre Dame visits Sanford Stadium in Athens. Should be a great game.
  47. HOLY MACKERAL!!! Should be a great game, are you going? I sure hope whoever wins that one can finish the deal and win the whole SHABANG! Regardless, I will watch tons of games. In October I will be watching MLB playoffs and World Series along with NCAAF and the NFL as well. October has always been my favorite month to watch sports. Sayonara.
  48. No plans right now to go to that one, but you never know. Sometimes I go to Athens if I'm working in Atlanta the week before a game.

    But I always go to the UGA-Florida game in Jacksonville.
  49. Its here!