2010 Tactical Conference, Tulsa, April

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    Rangemaster/Polite Society Tactical Conference, 2010
    Saturday-Sunday, 24-25 April 2010, at the United States Shooting Academy (USSA) Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Registration fee is $189.00. This includes all of the training segments, the tactical match, the side match, and the prize drawing.

    All of the trainers present for 2009 will be returning, plus we will have some new trainers presenting topics. We will be expanding to take advantage of USSA’s sprawling range complex, and there will be 21 instructors presenting various live-fire, hands on, and classroom training segments. This event will fill completely two to three months in advance, so sign up early to avoid disappointment.

    Trainers this year include Massad Ayoob, John Farnam, Mike Brown, Southnarc, Skip Gochenour, Paul Gomez, Steve Moses, Hany Mahmoud, Rob Pincus, Karl Rehn, Tom Givens, Marty Hayes,Will Andrews, and many others. The match will include a problem in the shoot-house and several on the outdoor ranges.

    You MAY NOT register for this event by phone. The only way to register is to print and complete a registration form and print and complete the USSA liability waiver, and send these to Rangemaster, along with payment. Forms can be requested by e-mailing rangemaster.tom@gmail.com .

    Registered attendees will receive a detailed equipment list, list of trainers and their topics, schedule, and other information prior to the event date.