2007 MI IDPA State Championships

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    May 9, 2007
    2007 MI State Championship Entry Form

    Stake your place for the 2007 MI State IDPA Championship!

    September 15-16 2007
    Wayne County Raccoon Hunters Club

    NEW LOWER PRICE -- Match fees reduced from $100 to $80. Blame the economy, blame the cost of ammo, or gas... we made it easier to shoot the match. Fees have been reduced $20!

    Come on guys and gals! Get those entry forms in. There are only 45 shooters signed up so far. If we don't get more shooters, the whole match may be canceled! If you are just sitting on your applications, stop it! They are not seat cushions. Fill them out and send them in. The match is two weeks before the nationals, so think of this match as a warm-up. Thanks.