2002 Reflections.....2003 Resolutions

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by MFinch, Dec 22, 2002.

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    2002 has been a pretty good year with hopes for a better year in 2003. What are everyone's personal thoughts on GSSF in 2002 and plans for 2003?

    2002 Highlights:

    * Shooting with my Team Sidearmor friends and getting hooked up with Tony C. on a team again. 3 Stockmeister wins, a few checks and one certificate.

    * Traveling to Dallas, San Antonio, Mesa and Shreveport. Going to the horse races, pro hockey game and GSSF match in Mesa in 24 hours.

    * The Carver Mount

    * Getting another local Master, Ron Weaver, started in GSSF. We've shot together off and on for the last 20 years. I now have a practice partner and a good range.

    2002 Lowlights:

    * Middle age is impacting the eyes. But a new prescription and glasses have helped.

    * Too much work, not enough practice. This showed in some of the scores. Also, you can't screw around in the deep end being half prepared....the other sharks can and will bite.

    2003 Resolutions:

    * Real practice, real preparation.

    * Currently working on different loads...especially those provided by my friends in FL.

    * Help some beginning shooters.

    * Have fun.
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    Year 2002, the 2nd year for Team Sidearmor, has been a great year for me. It has been a real pleasure to be "Coach." My priorities for 2003 are:

    1. Continue to assist my wife in her recovery from pancreatic cancer.

    2. Continue to coach Team Sidearmor.

    I wish all of you the best holiday season ever, and may 2003 be our best year ever.

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    Being able to attend 10 GSSF matches and making new friends at all of these including our Texas friends!! The few road trips with Fireglock and Glocknstine in the "War Wagon"!
    Shooting a 58.xx in Unlimited/Master in San Antonio(no pressure) ;Q
    Helping with the R&D on the Carver Mount!
    Being a part on Team Sidearmor!

    Looking forward to seeing all our friends for our Friday & Saturday night socials and have Coach back as soon as Martha is better!
    Helping make Team Sidearmor #1!
    Here's wishing EVERYONE and Happy, Bright, Warm and Wonderful New Year!;H ;8 ;8
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    Nov 25, 2000
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    OK, my thoughts

    2002 Highlights

    *Visiting with my GSSF friends!

    *Being on Bobby’s Carver Mount Team – great mount my friend.

    *Shooting with Team Sidearmor for the 2nd year. Low Amateur Team score, 1 AmCiv Team win, 5 Stock Meister Team wins.

    *Meeting and teaming up with the “Texas Contingent”, Mike Finch, Tony and Donna Clemmons.

    *Winning three matches, 4 categories and those lovely certificates.

    *Breaking into the mid 60s with my Stock gun, the 50s with my Unlimited.

    *Road trips! What a gas, right DEJ?

    *Having a great partner for practice, travel and matches, and a great friend to boot - glockNstein

    *Martha's successful surgery!

    2002 Lowlights

    *The “Share the Wealth” turmoil.

    *Rain and a very poor performance with the stock gun at Anderson.

    *Lack of an outdoor practice range that’s local.

    2003 Resolutions

    *A new trigger. :)

    *Increase my practice, and find an outdoor range close enough to use regularly.

    *Break into the 50s with my Stock gun, the 40s with my Unlimited.

    *Bring in some new shooters to GSSF.