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2002 Gran Prix Is Running Rich?

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2002 GRAN PRIX GT 80,000 MILES.

the torque converter went bad and was replaced beacause the service department said it was running rich, they also changed both o2 sensors. I still get the check engine light for the same o2 running rich error. Does anyone have any ideas what my problem is, it seems to have my service place stumped.

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They replaced the tq converter because the car was running rich? Never heard of that.
My guess is maybe there is a bare wire grounding out from one of the o2's, long shot.
Next, more probable, you have an exhuast leak before the o2s. The o2 sees oxygen, then richens up the mixture. Check for black places around joints (where exhaust has leaked), and in the flexible exhaust pipes.
Maybe maf sensor? Intake leaks? Fuel pressure regulator bad? Stuck/bad injector?

Just some ideas. Good luck!:)
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