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2002 Emerson Commander *used*

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by Dead Man's Hand, Mar 11, 2003.

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    May 18, 2001
    A Stacked Deck....

    Up for grabs is a 2002 Commander with black G10, black skull logo pocket clip, and non-serrated edge. This knife is used but only the blade shows wear. The blade was originally BT coated but I have since sanded off the coating and started doing a mirror satin look to the blade. I just bought a Super C so I'm ditching this project and will let someone else take over. The blade does have some minor scratches but they are surface only and with a little work will come out with some sanding. The edge needs a good sharping but no big deal. The G10, liners, and clip are all in a really good condition, it's hard to tell it's been carried.
    The blade locks up as if it was new, there is no blade play anywhere, also it opens smooth as silk.

    I figure you can do one of three things with the knife, you can do a little sanding, polishing, and sharpining and you have a like new knife at a great discount. You can also send the knife back to EKI and for a fee they will put a new Commander blade on it for you in any configuration. Finally, you can sharpen this bad boy up and just use it and not worry about the light surface scratches.

    I'd like $85 shipped via USPS Priorty mail. I can take USPS Money Orders only for this. Please no trades. If interested please e-mail at

    Thanks! :)