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200 bucks

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by okie, Mar 5, 2008.

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    Guy goes over to his friend's house, rings the bell, and the wife answers.

    "Hi, is Tony home?"
    "No, he went to the store."
    "Well, you mind if I wait?"
    "No, come in”.

    They sit down and the friend says, "You know Nora, you have the greatest
    breasts I have ever seen. I'd give you a hundred bucks if I could just see one."

    Nora thinks about this for a second and figures what the hell - a hundred
    bucks. She opens her robe and shows one. He promptly thanks her and throws a
    hundred bucks on the table.

    They sit there a while longer and Chris says, "They are so beautiful I've got
    to see the both of them. I'll give you another hundred bucks if I could just see
    the both of them together."
    Nora thinks about this and thinks what the hell, opens her robe, and gives
    Chris a nice long look. Chris thanks her, throws another hundred bucks on the
    table, and then says he can't wait any longer and leaves.

    A while later Tony arrives home and his wife says, "You know, your weird
    friend Chris came over”.

    Tony thinks about this for a second and says "Well did he drop off the 200
    bucks he owes me?"
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