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$200.00 scope

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So, I am finishing up my 10//22 build.
Standard carbine in choate folding stock.
This carbine has been loved up by Connecticut precision chambering.
Stupidly accurate, 100% reliable.
Now I need glass on a budget... At least for a few more months.
What do you recommend?
Thinking I would like a straight 4, 2X7, OR 3x9 at the biggest.
Would like to be in the $200.00 range for now..
Thanks in advance..
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I am looking hard at the VX2 Leupold 2X7...
The Redfield Revolution 2-7 and 3-9 are very similar to the Leupold (made in the same USA factory - at least they were a few years ago when I bought mine). And, might be a bit less money than the Leupold. I think I have three (3) Revolutions now - they have been good scopes.
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