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$200.00 scope

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So, I am finishing up my 10//22 build.
Standard carbine in choate folding stock.
This carbine has been loved up by Connecticut precision chambering.
Stupidly accurate, 100% reliable.
Now I need glass on a budget... At least for a few more months.
What do you recommend?
Thinking I would like a straight 4, 2X7, OR 3x9 at the biggest.
Would like to be in the $200.00 range for now..
Thanks in advance..
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Last year I did a complete restoration on a Mossberg 320B single shot. I want to put a classic type scope on it with the offset style rings and mount.
I was in a Bass Pro last summer, the salesman showed me that 2x7 model. That's a nice set up, I intend to do it but have been busy adding to the collection, too many others going right now. I hope to have it completed this fall for hunting.
I plan to start a thread on that particular build when I get the mount followed with some pictures.
Years back the budget scopes I installed were the BSA Sweet. I put them on 3 of my hunting go to .22s and have had great success with them.
I have an XT22YR I was shooting RGBs at 100 yards and put them in the size of a business card. I'm very happy with them.
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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