2 wheels motion

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    Courtesy of http://www.2wm.com :

    2wm is a way of life

    If you are a person who likes the feeling of oxygen being forced into your bloodstream, then you are experiencing 2wm. If you like the fact that it pisses people off when you slip through traffic and they can't, thats 2wm. Remember your last night ride when you tucked behind the glowing gauges, listened to the motor humm and felt like you were driving through black space somewhere a thousand miles away? Thats 2wm. How about the fact that you don't need to sink a life fortune into a vehicle to experience kidney flattening acceleration, 2wm. Getting your front tire off the ground for the first time; is it like crack? Maybe, but it's definitely 2wm. Ever hear a bike grab gears down your street and know exactly how it feels? That's 2wm. You know when it starts raining on you half way home and at first it really pisses you off so you make one big effort to get in before you are soaked, then when you reolize it's never going to happen and you end up having more fun wet? 2wm. The experiences we have behind the bars are among the select few primitave things left in an automated world. I thought it was about time someone united all the right -hand rollers under one great philosophy. Next time you see a 2WM shirt on someone, give them a nod for me, and don't bother explaining, they'll know what you mean. Thanks, AL