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2 week notices

  1. So this is the 2nd job I've ever quit. I've often wondered why employer's don't talk to the employee leaving and ask what they could offer to stay. In my situation there's no reasons to stay. However if said employee is leaving for better pay why not try and get them more money? If you have good people why not take care of them? When they want to talk about issues why not listen and try to help them?

    I guess the mentality is oh well we can find someone else to do the job? Maybe cheaper.

    When I told my boss I was leaving Monday he didn't even seem to care. I though we had a good working relationship. I know it's just business probably, but if I were a manager and had good people under me I'd try my best to retain them.

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  2. To many people in management positions let their egos get in the way of good business sense.
  3. I'll go on to add that because of the above, it is never wise to accept a counter offer from your current employer even if they do make one. It is the rare exception that your manager will be one of the few mature enough to realize that it doesn't represent a mark of disloyalty for you to shop your skills around to obtain the best offer. Personally, I make it a point to never begrudge someone for accepting a better offer and I never begrudge them for disloyalty if they choose to accept my counter offer if I do make one. Business is business, it's not personal.
  4. I've seen some prople try the "got a better offer" deal on their boss to try to get a raise....never saw it work. Very few prople cannot be replaced.
  5. In this culture, people quit so frequently that employers quickly lose emotional energy. You are just one more in a long line of quitters. At least you communicated your intention. Many just stop showing up for work, and that constitutes their "notice" to the employer.
  6. This job I got workin....phone interview, I actually said the words, "I'm tempted to quote scarface right now.....but this probably isn't the right time or place..." and still got the offer.

    Not sure what I'm trying to say, except it's a good market for hirees right now.

    They were asking about ethics....and I was thinking the line " I never...f'ed anyone over didnt have it coming"

    But I caught myself.

    Oh, now I remember...two weeks notice......not workin for me on this deal.....they'll get a week.....maybe.
  7. Yes, and to many employees let their ego get involved in their "business" too.
  8. I was not trying to use my new job for a counter offer. I knew there was no way in hell they'd pay me what I'll be making at my new job. Plus I finally finished up my controls classes for HVAC. When I got this job offer I didn't even think twice about staying. However with that being said it would have been nice to feel appreciated at least. Any who just my random thoughts. Thanks guys

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  9. I don't play the employee/employer games..................when I get dumped on enough, adios

    One of my last jobs, they had been dumping on me pretty bad, let it go for some time, something else came along. Several of us went to get trained for the other job, but I knew they would wimp out (and did). I stuck to the idea of leaving. The suck*** management wouldn't even talk direct to me, they had their weasel try to coax me out of leaving.......................I told him, I didn't make this decision, you did it for me.
  10. I am really surprised they are letting you fulfill your two week notice. That is kind of rare these days but mostly only in the corporate world I guess.

  11. Good luck in the new job and don' worry about the "appreciation" factor. The lack of any inquiry on what would get you to stay has nothing to do with whether or not your previous contributions were appreciated. There are a dozen reasons that have nothing to do with the employee that might make a manager choose not to make a counter offer (sales forecasts, economic outlook, job market, etc.)
  12. Same here. However with me being the HVAC guy it's in their interest to keep me here. Otherwise I'd be fine hitting the road and taking a few days to relax before starting my new job. Plus they're short handed as usual here. It's all good. I'm not busting my butt for them that's for sure

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  13. Thanks man. I appreciate your input. I'm not taking it personally. I've tried to talk to them in the past and nothing ever came of it. So I decided to move along once I got my certificate. Gonna suck being here for another week, but it's all for a better beginning

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  14. The time to take care of the employee is before they quit. You should not have to threaten to quit everytime you need a raise. There could be exceptions to this but in those few cases the employee probably should have had a conversation with the employer first.

    I would never take a counter, it disrespects and wastes the time of the people that offered you more. Crappy move in my opinion.
  15. Always offer 2 week notice, if they say hit the road, do it.
    But work the notice out like normal.
    You know you did the right thing!
  16. how long were you at that job? Small company or big conglomerate? I

    I have a good friend who worked for the same (less than 150 employee) company since the 70's and he gave his notice in June to leave Jan 1. And the boss talked to him about it because he's only in his 60's and a it's an office job, so he seemed young to retire. The boss asked him if he wanted to do part time work, consulting, etc. When you're with a company for a long time, especially a smaller company, it becomes like a family. The conglomerates...you're just an asset, no different from a printer or desk.

    And some advice for the youngsters. When you think about it, there are only 24h in a day. of that:

    you sleep 8h
    you eat 1.5h
    you do "bathroom activities" 1h (add 1h to those with enlarged prostates)
    you commute 1h or more
    you're on the job 9h

    this leaves 3.5h of free time every day to do what you want.

    time at work is THE BIG consumer of your daily activity

    Think about this for a moment and choose a profession/employer you don't dread. Life's too short for that.
  17. Yes. 2 weeks notice is the right thing. Don't want to burn any bridges. Plus might need a good reference down the road.

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  18. Bean counters run the show. A job pays X amount with minuscule raises at X intervals. Good or bad employees don’t play much of a role in it.
  19. Question: who paid for your HVAC classes? You or your current employer?
  20. While I agree and that was the standard mutual courtesy back in the day; now, not so much.
    Unless it is in your contract you guys owe each other nothing.
    Back in the day when someone offered me two weeks notice, I paid them out that day for the courtesy of offering that notice period. Different attitudes today on both sides....... Which I blame on the Companies / HR Policies. (Everyone hates HR for a reason).

    In regards to countering an offer to someone who is leaving. That is very dependent on the circumstances. Sometimes it is a sincere oversight or a smack in the face realization that the person was not being treated fairly. Remember senior management doesn't just sit around wondering how each and every individual is compensated. Most try to stay on top of it, but it is not always possible, particularly when folks are advancing / progressing quickly.
    Ultimately you are worth what the market will pay you. If not here, then somewhere else. The converse is when folks bluff and find themselves unemployed.
  21. My Dept always has an exit interview for people leaving our employ. We take them seriously as we can only improve by listening to the reasons why people leave. But I have to add, in the 18 yrs I’ve been with the dept, we’ve only had 4 quit, 1 retire and 1 fired. Our people stay with us because we treat them very well, give them the tools they need, and stay the **** out of their way.

    One thing we do is meet quarterly with every employee and do an employment assessment. This finds out if they are frustrated, what tools they need or want, and we find out what is expected from the employer and the employee. Pay raises are straight across the board as we are a local government agency.

    I am always happy for someone in my employ to better themselves. Even if that means the leave our dept. I hate to lose anyone but if they are seeking other opportunities I wish them success. Managers can’t take someone bettering themselves personally. People have to do what makes them happy and what takes care of their families.
  22. You are wise.
  23. To be honest, if my current employer came back with a raise after I had given them notice I’d be a little offended. Why weren't you paying me what I was worth in the first place?
  24. Why be offended? The answer is because it's a free market and you were willing to accept what they were offering. No one to blame but yourself. Again, it's business, it's not personal.
  25. I did

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  26. Ok. Just asking to fill in the blanks on your bosses indifference to leaving.
  27. Your post reminded me of one of the "American Hotrod" shows, where one guy went in to talk to Boyd Coddington about taking a job painting a car for Chip Foose, and Coddington tried his best to shame the guy.

    Coddington (IMNSHO) was a real POS, as far as being an employer is concerned.
    He cared about NOBODY, but himself.

    I know (some of) the history of Coddington and Foose, but, the way Coddington acted, is like he was doing the employee a favor of letting him work for him.
    This guy expected his employees to give up their lives, to work (sometimes) 24 hours a day, to meet his urine-poorly scheduled timeline(s).

    I know that when I retire (very soon!), the lights won't even flicker, when I leave.
    Now, on the other hand, there is nobody in my company/shop that can do what I do.
    There's only one other guy in my shop, and he just doesn't have the skills to run a print shop/duplicating shop.

    Oh well. I've tried to talk to management about 'perpetuating the program' and hiring some 'new blood' that can keep our customers happy, in the future.

    Hey! As long as that retirement check continues to show up in my mailbox, I don't care what they do. :)

  28. Again..... It depends.
    Sometimes the Company may have been taking advantage of you and trying to pay the minimum they could get away with.
    Other times another company needs your specific skill set more for whatever reason.
  29. Sir,
    I wish you the best in your retirement. May it be everything that you hoped it to be.

    I can tell you that whether someone feels they are irreplaceable or may actually have some super secret skills are will be tough to replace, no one from the floor to the executive can't be replaced in less than a week.
    Those that have thought differently or thought they were somehow untouchable usually crashed the hardest.
  30. I want to know why someone is leaving. If they wish to go and have no Want for their current job, I want the best for them. If the Want for a job is gone giving them more money won’t change that. If something is in their way and they Want to stay I can try and help.
  31. I’m quitting Today, nothing personal. They didn’t provide the role they offered; therefore I’m out and starting at my proper seniority level somewhere else.

    That’s life.
    Companies ask for commitment but directors get bonuses and destroy entire teams just to save a few bucks. If they could get more money would be leaving too right away.
  32. He's probably being a good manager and not throwing a tantrum like one would expect. If he says anything negative, it could be considered harassment or something later. If you have good KSAs then you should get a job that pays relatively to your level if you can. Come and go any time, congrats.
  33. I have had two friends quit a 7+ yr job with notice. Both said they would train in new person during two weeks, answer questions...
    I less then a yr both were back with first company at a raise. Both companies realized how undervalued these guys were. During the time working elsewhere they were hired to gone in after hrs to try to bring new blood up to speed. (So extra $$$)
    One is still there. Other only lasted @8 more yrs then took different job elsewhere.
  34. I gave two weeks notice at a job, and the Chief Pilot just told me I was done right now. Ok. I went back to Iowa to visit my parents, before I started my new job. A few days into my visit, my old CP called and asked if I could do a trip. I told him no. You cut me loose, so I went out of town. :dunno:

    I’ve been training my replacements, since I became a Captain.
  35. When you get let go by a company, is it customary to be given 2 weeks notice, out of courtesy/doing the right thing/keep from disrupting things for the employee?

    Didn't think so.
  36. The only reference employers will give now days is " Yes they worked here".
  37. In IT is a courtesy mainly.
    You can be laid off on the spot or not.
  38. I was flying a Beech Bonanza for a small casino in Mesquite,NV. The Bonanza and the Citation were up there that day, when a guy walks up to me and tells me he really wants my job flying the Bonanza. I point out the Chief Pilot over at the jet, and tell him to go make his pitch. You never know. I realize I’m easily replaceable, so I don’t worry about much. I do my job and go home and not cause any problems at work. That’s what keeps me around.

  39. All depends on who you work for and where you work.

    I’ve had a couple of people who worked for me use me as a reference and be surprised when I was able to explain their crap bag tendencies.

    Others I was able to get hired because of my recommendation.
  40. This. That's why I'm leaving (hopefully on good terms) because you never know. Might want to go back and work there at some point in your lifetime

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  41. Because the worker didn't have that conversation before they started looking somewhere else?
  42. Making a counter rarely works to keep a person an appreciable amount of time more. Why have a person with a negative attitude around? Also, accepting a counteroffer rarely changes what caused you to think about leaving.

    The time to save an employee is when they ask for a raise or promotion preferably before, not after they have crossed the mental barrier that it is time to find another job.
  43. Because they could be replaced and laid off before being able to get a new job and some people need money to survive
  44. Usually by the time I put in my 2 weeks, I have made up my mind and would not stay for the money. That said, I put in my 2 weeks about 3 years ago at the company I work for now. They were quick to ask me why and offer me another position. I am still here.
    I have to make the call here when people put in their two weeks. There are different factors that come in to play.
    Why are they leaving? Money? The job?, Can't catch on and feel frustrated? Can't get along with people? Family problems that have nothing to do with the job? Better opportunity? Needing to relocate? Just burned out?
    I look at. Do they get along with people? Are they a good worker and more importantly a good team member? Are they dependable? What does the rest of the team think about them leaving? Many other things. It's not as simple as people think.
    Some people tend to steal from the company before they leave.
    Safety is always important. People tend to get hurt after they give their 2 weeks, because their mind is on the new job and not the job they are doing.
    I had two guys put in their 2 weeks on the same day. I talked one into staying and he is still here and happy.
    The other guy asked me if I was going to offer him something more to stay. I nicely said no.
    It can be different every time.
  45. They found your GlockTalk posts!
  46. I'm not saying this is true in your case, but often times people overvalue their own importance. They overinflate their own value. Companies that do value their employees would make an effort to get them to stay.

    I assume I can be replaced tomorrow. I know I can be. This place doesn't all of the sudden stop working because I'm not here. Who am I?

    The attitude that you mean so much to your workplace is how you get too stressed about work, never take vacations or days off, and burn out too quickly. Do the best job you can but don't ever think you're irreplaceable. Most employees are.

    Life is like having your hand in a bucket of water, once you remove it the waves disappear quickly and the water settles down as if you were not even there. And that goes double for work.

    Sounds like you got a better deal on your next position. Focus your energy on the next one. This girl (employer) isn't sad you're dumping her.

    Good luck at the next gig.
  47. Not me.
    If you were a great employee, I will tell them that.
    If you had a bad attitude and showed up to work late at least one day every week. I will tell them that.

  48. Thanks.

    Oh, I have no doubt that they can get someone to replace me, within a week.

    The problem is, my Stupervisor (he really doesn't have a clue as to how to run a Print Shop) works over 125 miles away, and HATES to commute to DC, and doesn't want to be 'bothered' with replacing me.

    My concern is making certain that my customers (internal company departments) are given what they need to do their jobs.

    My Dad instilled in me, decades ago (including the emphasis given in CAPS) -
    "Son. If YOU don't take care of YOUR customers, SOMEBODY ELSE, will. Then, they WILL NOT BE your customers."

    Being a stockholder in the corporation makes things hit a little closer to home, too. :)

  49. I liked this job at first honestly, but I see no future here. Not to mention over half the time I'm doing janitorial rolls like unclogging corn diarrhea filled toilet, or cleaning poop/pee out of carpets, or picking up nasty trash.

    I did have a sit down 2 weeks ago with my boss and voiced my concerns. At the time he seemed concerned, but as the weeks went by nothing changed and I had my answer then.

    So in that time I finished up HVAC controls school. Went to school last week. There were several big companies there in our classroom looking for students to hire. I was able to get a great gig with Siemens doing building automation. Even though it's an entry level gig it pays pretty awesome and there's huge growth opportunities. Not something I would have had I stayed here.

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  50. Just talked to my new boss. He's got me signed up for some training the 1st week I'll be working. Pretty exciting stuff.

    Oh there's been zero training here at my current job. Months ago I asked about schooling and tuition help, but got the deer in the headlights look.

    I'm going to guess that's not available here?? Lol

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