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2 Questions- G17 RTF and G21 SF related

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I am replacing my 1911 nightstand gun and have a couple of questions:

1- If I choose a G17, should I go with a std grip or the new RTF? They are starting to show up in the $500 range. The G17 really fits my hand well (I have a G19 & G26) but I have not fondled the RTF yet.
2- If I choose to go to a G21, SF or regular grip? The Glock websight is a joke in regards to any useful info. It looks like the SF will limit the round count to 10 which is not much more than I currently have. BTW- I am sticking with 9mm and .45ACP as I have lots of ammo on hand and do not want to get into new calibers at this time. Thanks for any help and suggestions.
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I own a G21SF and it holds 13+1. Unless you live in CA or somewhere you can only get the 10 rounders. I'm a .45 guy myself so my opinion is already biased on which one you should get but as far as standard 21 vs 21SF is dependent on your comfort level with the grip. Many people say they don't notice a difference, I certainly do and that's why I went with the SF version. I suggest that you find a gun show or store or a friend or even someone else at a local range with a regular and/or an SF model to see which you like better. Good luck with your decision.
Find a way to get them into your hand! I think the RTF is great!

Here's mine:

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I own and shoot both a 17rtf and 21sf. Both are great. I can't speak for the standard 21. I prefer the rtf finish to the standard finish on all my other Glocks. I have a 23, 33, 17rtf, and 21sf.
Recently bought a G21sf. I had tried a std 21 but the grip was too big. The sf is just a bit smaller, great gun very accurat, fun to shoot.
Thanks for all the replies. I checked out a G17 RTF tonight. Very nice! Felt awesome in hand. I wish it was available in OD like my others are as it is a strong contender for my next purchase.
Went throught the same thing, got rid of my 1911 and went with the 21SF. Shoots as accuarate as the operator will let it, 13+1 and a helluva lot easier to clean than a 1911.
Personally, I'm hoping a 21SF in RTF is on the near horizon. While I like the fit of the 21SF, I simply cannot abide by the standard 3rd gen's slipperyness by comparison with the RTF.
Been very happy with my 21SF (standard mag release and Glock rail) 13+1 in mine and it carries great!
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