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+2 Mag Extension “Exploded”

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I normally carry a Glock 19 with 19 compact mag installed.
I usually also carry a spare Glock 17 magazine in a magazine pouch.
On a number of them I have a Clock +2 mag extension.
Yesterday I accidentally dropped the magazine on my hardwood floor at home and the +2 extension broke and the magazine parts and ammunition w everywhere.
Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, have you quit using the +2 extension.?
Looks like the “lips” broke off the +2 Extension???
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I had a similar failure, once upon a time I fitted pierce extensions on 2 KCI 17 rounders. The extension on one let go in church w/o any any external stimulation just riding in a pouch. That combo doesn't exist anymore in my world, been wary of KCI ever since. I did notice the lack of tabs on the KCI but blundered on regardless.

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Mag was "dropped" what do you expect?!?
For it to not explode like a Dollar General piñata? That seems pretty reasonable, since dropping a magazine from waist height isn’t exactly an unusual event. If you dropped your pistol, would you “expect” it to fall apart? I sure wouldn’t accept that.

I don’t remember where I saw it, but some guy posted photos of his Glock +2 extension that reportedly spontaneously detached itself while the loaded mag and pistol were just being stored in his vehicle. I have no idea what generation the extension was, but it kind of turned me off to the +2s. While not nearly as pretty, I suppose the safest course is to use a G17 magazine if I feel the need for more rounds.

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A poster elsewhere ran tests of CZ Scorpion mags, and dropped both OEM and MagPul, on their lips and bases. Enough drops did damage the mag lips, and on the base, some rounds would pop out. Mags do get dropped, and double stacks are more likely to shed rounds when dropped.
Probably should remind ourselves that mags are an expendable item, in the greater scheme of things. And it's another reason to have a good tranche of spares.
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