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    Two Frenchmen walk into a pet store. Right away they go over to the exotic bird section. Jean-Marc says to Jean-Pierre, "Dats da ones we want over dere eh?" "Dats dem!" says Jean-Pierre.

    The store clerk comes over and asks if he can help them. "Yeah! Wheel take four of dem dere bird in dat cage up dere." says Jean-Marc, "Put dem in a paper bag." The clerk does and the two guys leave the store.

    They get into Jean-marc's truck and drive for three hours until they are high up in the hills, and stop at the face of a large cliff with a 500 foot drop. "Dis look like a good place eh?" says Jean-Pierre.

    "Oh Yeah! Dis, it look good" replies Jean-Marc. They flip a coin and Jean-Marc wins the toss.

    "Tabernac, I guess... me I got to go first, eh?" says Jean-Pierre. Jean-Pierre takes two birds out of the bag, places them on his shoulders and jumps off the cliff.

    Jean-Marc watches as his buddy drops off the edge and goes straight down for a few seconds, followed by a "SPLAT".

    As Jean-Marc looks over the cliff he shakes his head and says, "DIS BUDGIE JUMPING... IT TOO DANGEROUS FOR ME!!!"