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2 affiliated with 'boogaloo' extremist group charged with inciting a riot

  1. "2 affiliated with 'boogaloo' extremist group charged with inciting a riot: SC sheriff

    A county sheriff says two members of the “boogaloo” extremist group have been charged with inciting a riot at a May 30 George Floyd protest in a South Carolina city. Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott announced the charges had been brought against Kevin Ackley, 22, and Joshua Barnard, 24, according to reports. The protest took place in Columbia, the state capital.

    Ackley was charged with instigating a riot by throwing a water bottle at law enforcement officers, WIS-TV reported. His arrest was announced Friday.

    Mug shot for Kevin Ackley, 22, Deputies said he was in possession of "boogaloo" items, including a Hawaiian shirt. (Richland County Sheriff's Office )

    Barnard was also charged with breaking into a motor vehicle, looting and larceny in addition to the inciting a riot charge, the station reported. His arrest was announced Thursday. Ackley worked as a paramedic in Richland County but was fired after his arrest, according to the station.

    https://www.foxnews.com/us/2-affili...group-charged-with-inciting-a-riot-sc-sheriff "
  2. Looks more ANTIFA than he does a big igloo supporter.

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  3. Who the hell hired that guy as a paramedic? That's what I wanna know.
  4. He must interview well...…
  5. Looks like a Starbuck's Barista
  6. So a Hawaiian shirt is no longer a sign of bad taste or ccw. Now it means you are a white nationalist/supremacist. Better ditch that thin blue line flag as well.

    I'm calling bull****.

    Happyguy :)
  7. He doesn't look electric.
  9. They are desperately trying to establish the narrative of "White Supremacists" causing all the trouble for "Peaceful Protesters".

    He threw a water bottle at Police, and he's charged with inciting a riot? How many BLM's have done worse and got away with it?
  10. [​IMG]

    The media and gullible leftists fall for low quality bait every time.

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  11. I have a few Hawaiian shirts that I wear quite frequently in the summer.

    I guess I should quit wearing them because is being considered a symbol of White Supremacy now.
  12. I'm going with AntiFA false flagging as a boogaloo boi to push the "White Powah ruining teh peaceful riots" narrative.
  13. It's getting to the point where I am going to start screaming at the sky.

  14. You know, it’s curious Drudge has a story basically saying Antifa arrests are non existent yet here we are. An arrest of a right wing pansy in a boogaloo group? What are the chances.
  15. "Mug shot for Kevin Ackley, 22, Deputies said he was in possession of "boogaloo" items, including a Hawaiian shirt. (Richland County Sheriff's Office )"

    So it's a crime to even possess a Hawaiian shirt now?
  16. This kid is probably just at the wrong place at the wrong time doing stupid Sh1t. He was probably on a forum, or liked a Facebook page talking about boogaloo, with no actual connection to right wing extremists.
  17. Matt Drudge no longer owns the Drudge site.

    It is so leftist propaganda heavy now, that I have trouble even viewing that site.
  18. Without a doubt, I’m sure they made an offer he shouldn’t refuse. Yes, yes I phrased that correctly. Go to the bonginoreport. I use both. This is disinformation 100%.
  19. Yes, "They" were after Drudge for a long time.

    It's crazy that they thought he was such a threat, When all he did is link to articles written by other people.
  20. If the incel in the picture is right wing, then I am Mother Theresa.

    The left is so desperate to establish a narrative that the rioter/arsonists are not the left-wing Antifa and BLM but the so called "right wing white supremacists", that they are now sending their people dressed up like an internet meme to cause trouble and offer the imbeciles in the Demshevik media proof of their own fake news.

    I'm surprised they didn't sent someone dressed up like a giant green frog to attack the police.

    Anyhow, I really want to now the name of the succubus they arrested so I can dig a little in his social media accounts and past affiliations.
  21. Try Rantingly.com
    Better than Bongino
  22. 10-4, I like Bongino but his site is lacking a little.
  23. That more and more people are starting to wake up to the fact that lots of news is fake, outright lies, and staged, gives me at least some hope.
  24. I’ll wear them more now.
  25. My baby boomer aunt and uncle that raised me (essentially mom and dad) have spent the last 4 years believing everything they see on tv. I believe this series of events from the rona to the riots has shown them that the media is infected with commies. The parallels drawn between our media and Orwellian propaganda is down right terrifying in the extreme. From the daily 2 minute hate for trump to things going down the memory hole. To storied changing and the new truth being what was always true.
  26. Who the heck came up with the "boojahadeen" on his hat? Never heard of that one. My money is on staged. Hawaiian shift, subdued flag with "big igloo", hat, scarf. All the "boogaloo" markers. Sounds like something the idiot basement dwellers would dream up.
  27. I keep harping on this also, communists, progressives, democrats, all the same are in everything.
  28. Looks like he's 13....
  29. He threw a water bottle... so that must be the tipping point. Bricks are OK, but water bottles will result in criminal charges.

    Got it.
  30. Thank you.

    I’ll never get this out of my head now... [emoji849]

    You can find me practicing these moves in my room.

    We can recognize one another by our unique dance style. [emoji1]

    Just don’t pull your moves after stopping some orc in the streets as they’ll have you on camera and what will your defense be for that “happy dance”?

    The game will then be up.


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  31. I feel good....
  32. I know a rather liberal guy who wears a Hawaiian shirt almost every Friday. I'll try to remember to pay attention to see if this changes.
  33. I'm gonna buy a couple. Always thought they were pretty garish, but if it pisses off a lib, I'm down.
  34. I'm thinking of getting some Hawaiian shirts and flashing the ok symbol.

  35. Infiltrator. If the cops looked deep enough in his trunk... they'd probably would've found the wig and high heels that are part of his weekend attire.

    That kid looks straight :aodnsb:
    The only bullseye he's ever had hit is the one between his butt cheeks.
  36. +1

    Don't forget the morale patch.

  37. All progressive men are at least bi-curious. That's a given.

  38. ... or at least that's what they tell their "life-partners" at their civil recognition ceremony.
  39. Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag!!
  40. This has always been the problem, no right wing media (FOX is middle ground at best). The Talbud jews will buy up any media they can to have the monopoly in media, so they can continue to brainwash ppl to hate Whitey, pit blacks against whites and so forth. and of Course total disarm you. Money talks, Bloomberg a muti Billionaire, Soros worth many many billions.
    Let us not be anti semetic, because there are many right wing free loving jewish ppl. But the Tabut jews are racist more than anyone. They control CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, many upper news papers. World banks, diamond industry etc Very controlling racist people.

    For 1000's of years they haven't gotten along with anyone. Anyone who has done them wrong or such is a life long enemy. Middle Eatern, Germans, Romans, Russian (yes Stalin was going to purge them from Russia before his death.)
    Most of the enemies of the jewish seems to be Europeans. So this is why they want whites gone 1st. I never did understand this, most jews now a days are white. But the Talbud jews do not claim to be white. I mean we are all sub species of Mongol, Caucasian, African and some add a 4th the Natives of America. They look more white to me, but HATE whites. So there is a danger there.

    There is extremists in all groups, the Islam extremists, the White Skinheads, Aryan Brotherhood, KKK extremists, BLM, Crips, bloods etc, So DON'T go shoot up a synagogue, as there are good jewish ppl.

    I've always said the Germans took guns away from ppl and look what happened. If Those jewish ppl would have had guns, they might have stuck together and shot their way out of the country to safety. There are even pro gun Jewish groups.

    The extremist jewish are the ones who are wrecking the world using money and their medias they own.
    Only way to counter it would be more real right wing medias that don't sell out to them.
    media influence is big on swing voters. a Real media that is balanced would be best.

    CNN, ABC, MSNBC, CBS are not really media, only masked as such, they are political organizations 1st and foremost.

    I truely believe if not for the hate they spead, White and blacks would get along much much better
  41. There is a pretty big toad that hangs out by my walk light. I wonder if I can get a tiny Hawaiian shirt for him?
  42. I can’t say what I think, but there are a lot of ties with these people and communism. By these people, I don’t mean Jews I mean leftists and democrats. It makes me sick to my stomach. Documentary called “Enemies Within”, is pretty, shoes the ties with communists and all these trash democrats.

  43. [​IMG]

    Post pics here later.
  44. Where can I get one? Gotta have it.
  45. Gotta be careful what we say. Got email from staff. I've always defended the jews of WW2 and would have loved to see them armed and the anti gun Germany is a good example of what can happen. Extremists of all races and religions can sometimes be dangerous.
    I get long winded and wond u sometimes. Sorry if you read the Talbud are Jewish and was offended.. Right wing jewish gun owners are my friends also.
    The PEOPLE who own the media are the dividers of this nation/world. That is Truth.
  46. What is with the tendency of people to imagine everything is some kind of organized group?
  47. People are stupid.
  48. By the media standards we are to think that only right wing groups are extremists, and left wing radicals are just civil rights groups.

    Ms13, crips. bloods etc, all just gangs, but a gang like skinheads or Aryan brotherhood.. not just a gang, but a HATE group & pos worse. And are 1st on the list to be gone after. They (Athorities) pretty don't bother MS13, Crips, bloods etc etc. All of them are racial groups and all are wrong Equally. "All equally worthless". Liberal bias is so easy to see.