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19x 6.1mm Rear Sight Height - Why Not 6.5?

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Don't all the 9mm Glocks come with 6.5mm rear sights? I was shooting low the first time I took the 19x out I figured it was just me getting used to the new gun and trigger but then I saw that they come with 6.1mm rear sight height instead of the 6.5mm. Did something change or am I misinformed on sight heights?
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I have seen the Gen5 19’s with both, 6.1 and 6.5 sights. My 19.5 and 19X both came with 6.1’s. I contacted Glock when I got my 19.5, in regards to it not shooting POA/POI (printing low). The representative told me that they shoot it and the computer dictates the sight height. I told him that there computer was wrong, at least in this case. I asked him to send me a 6.5 rear sight and he wouldn’t do it. He said that they would send me a label to return it for sight verification and I told him, I would just put some aftermarket sights on it, never mind! Heinie Slant Pro’s and all is good. That said, my 19X is printing pretty close to POA/POI, with the 6.1’s.
I don’t know about the rest of you, but I have found that all the sights I have tried on my G43, I have to cover with the front sight. I guess that’s what they call, “combat sight picture?” I, for one prefer POA/POI!
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