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19x 6.1mm Rear Sight Height - Why Not 6.5?

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Don't all the 9mm Glocks come with 6.5mm rear sights? I was shooting low the first time I took the 19x out I figured it was just me getting used to the new gun and trigger but then I saw that they come with 6.1mm rear sight height instead of the 6.5mm. Did something change or am I misinformed on sight heights?
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Gen5 G17 and G19 pistols have been supplied from the factory with either 6.1mm or 6.5mm fixed rear sights. There seems to be no detectable logic that determines which of the two elevations Glock will apply to the Gen5 G17 or G19. I do not know if the same unpredictable sight application is continuing with the new Gen5 G26. Most who have these pistols with 6.1mm sights are reporting POI below POA, which indicates the sights should be the decades-old standard 6.5mm for most loads.

The standard sight height from factory for all 9mm Glocks *including Gen5* (and except G17L and G43) is 6.5mm, as shown officially at:

Glock is now marking some rear sights with the numerical value of elevation top to bottom in millimeters, stamped in the sight notch.
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