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19M with real DLC internals

  1. How many own an FBI spec 19M with Black DLC internals? I assume these are still rare as hen’s teeth compared to the Lipseys edition. I wonder what a NIB 19M would bring right now? I suspect more in the future as the Lipseys run fizzles out.
  2. I think the new Lipsey guns are getting picked up and I see less of them for sale .I think the original contact was like 15 k guns and they took around 13k . This was a way to get around the contract , skip DLC.
  3. I believe Lipseys are silver internals. I know two people who own a 19M with DLC internals, 33588 marked trigger bar, M on the barrel hood, etc. Surely these still have some additional value over Lipseys? Haven’t seen any on GB.
  4. Yeah, I'd pay more for one of those over a Lipseys version.
  5. Do you have one? I’m discussing the nuances of 19M’s via text with some mutual GT buddies. I believe Lipseys are silver bars marked 3970 and employee guns are black marked 33588. What I’m trying to determine is if all bars marked 33588 are in fact DLC coated. And also how rare NIB 19M’s with real DLC internals are..

    Check out post 67 below:
  6. I have the Lipseys 17M and 19M.
  7. It does look like Halo on that thread has one with DLC internals. Interesting, my FBI gun is GA that one is Austria.
  8. I noticed no '5' or 'M' on the barrel hood, either.
  9. This is from that posting of Halo's gun it does appear to have an M but it is Austria unlike Georgia in the case of my gun. That is assuming this is the one you were referring to.

  10. There are two they are comparing on that thread (as far as I can tell) one with and one without DLC.
  11. That's what I get for trying to read that stuff while in a meeting. Sorry.
  12. LOL!!! I had to sit down, pull the thread up on my computer and read it to follow it.
  13. Just like Gen 1’s, t seems like Black Internals add value
  14. I think here even more so as there are so few real FBI guns with nDLC internals out there on the open market.
  15. I was just looking over some photos that I had taken today for a forum member who had texted me. I can see that the 19M that I purchase from a glock employee indeed has M on the barrel but non DLC internals.

  16. I'm gonna post a few additional comparison photos that I took today for this forum number when the thread on my HRT gun.
  17. So the true issued guns (true FBI specs). They have the barrel markings of M on them?
  18. Will start a new thread with lots of good pics tonight or tomorrow. I got one. The real deal.

  19. Hi Guys,
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  20. I do
  21. So special coating, no fcs, no cutout in front of the grip, new slide stop, and aftermarket sights? Thats about it?
  22. I have the PM195F30A, which has the nDLC coated internals. Blue label. No front serrations, it does have the cutout, does not have the beveled frame, does have the extended slide stop lever, does have the Ameriglo Agent sights.