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1993 Kawasaki ZX7

  1. I just bought me a 1993 Kawasaki ZX7 today. I pick her up Wednesday!

    Believe it or not, it hasn't been laid down while moving. It has taken a spill or two while parked, but that is fine with me. I will end up buying a left side mirror though. It does come with new front brake pads, frame sliders, oil and filters , license plate mount and mechanics manual.

    This will be my first "real" bike. I had a 1980 KZ440LTD for a summer and sold it to a friend. Sure wish I hadn't done that.

    Anything special I should know about the ZX7?

    Thanks! :wavey:
  2. They don't come with a trailer hitch.
  3. Wait! You mean I don't get 26 cubic foot of storage space? :ender:

  4. The policeman loves you.
  5. Pavement tastes the same no matter what you fall off of.
    Watch youself, watch the cagers.
  6. The Tire,Sprocket,and Chain Mfrs congratulate your purchase.

    The Halloween leather,chrome, and handlebar fringe folks will not send you Christmas cards.

    You will learn physics(real world) ex. why a motorcycle turns.

    You will know what front break control really means.

    You will have a Great bike to do just about anything you want.

    Good Luck and Ride Safe

  7. I had a G/F (now ex) loan me her ZX-7 for a few weeks. It was a good bike. Kinda heavy, but I liked the stability and predictability. It held a line real damn well.


  8. Amazingly, everything I learned in the motorcycle school a few years ago came back really quick Monday night. Man it was awesome just being back on a bike!

    I did learn that you actually have to squeeze the tank a bit though. The first big bump I hit taught me that lesson.

    If all goes well, I'll be picking her up tomorrow afternoon!


    Now I need to find a new lid, gloves, pants and boots. :ender:
  9. I find it slightly ironic that I'm a cop, and I'm buying this bike from him because of the tickets that another cop wrote! :animlol:
  10. FWIW, I've found that the poleezzz are pretty lenient with bikers, usually.

    I've only ever been pulled over once, and that time I was 2X+ over the speed limit on the freeway, passing in the hazard lane. I got a ticket for an illegal lane change. Haven't done that manuver since... despite the fact that there are always mexican landscapers going 45 in the HOV lane and littering the whole freeway. Actually, the LEO that pulled me over considered letting me go, but then decided I needed to take a defensive driving course instead.

    If the guy you bought that ZX7 from had several tickets... then it's likely a good idea that he got rid of the bike.
  11. :steamed: I'll appologize for nsb's actions due to the following information he will be providing. I must warn you, he is pretty upset:steamed: . I would be too:steamed: .

    I'll let him tell the story.
  12. So, Monday night I rode the bike and made him an offer. He accepted the offer, knowing that it would be today before I could get to the bank. He then SHOOK MY HAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which to me means a lot. To me, shaking my hand was like signing the title.

    I tried calling him today when he said he'd be off of work. He never answered. So KC and I decided to drive over to where he lives. Finally got a hold of him, after some interesting detective work :animlol:, and discovered that he had sold it last night. He didn't even bother calling me. This would also explain why he refused to answer his phone.

    KC said I looked like I was going to hit the goober. :scared:

    Well, guess I'll give the guy with the '95 YZF600 and she if he'll take my money!

    :rant: What the hell is wrong with kids today! :rant:
  13. What a twit, that really sucks.

    Guess it really wasn't meant to be, but you will find the right bike.

  14. :countingsheep: :countingsheep: :countingsheep::countingsheep:
    :countingsheep: :motorcycle::countingsheep:
    :countingsheep: :countingsheep: :countingsheep::countingsheep:

    Sleep over it tonite nsb, you'll find another bike.
  15. I was just actually browsing that paper and found a bike I'm going to call on tomorrow. 1989 FZR600. With my luck, it's already sold though. :wavey:
  16. Sorry to hear the deal fell thru, I know how it feels.

    If you haven't discovered it yet, craigslist.com will generally have lots of local bikes for sale.
  17. Craigslist is way better than any other print publications.

    That's where I bought my bike too.

  18. Craigslist has TONS of cruisers in my area, but very limited sportbikes.

    Trust me, I've been looking at everything out there. Or at least I think I have been.

    If you know of anything else, I'll take a look at it!
  19. Where exactly would "Cornville" be located...:supergrin:
  20. Why, Iowa of course! :supergrin:
  21. I should add that I'm only looking at spending 2k on a bike. This will be my first sportbike, and I'd rather not have anything too expensive.

  22. $2K will make it a little harder to get something nice, reliable and not in need of maintenance, but still doable. Especially now that it is bike riding season.

    My best advice to you is keep the $2K close at hand so you are able to act quickly. It would suck to miss out again on another bike.

  23. I can understand the seller's actions.
    I'm selling a sportbike right now and have had at least 10 people who are "going to the bank tomorrow" and sealed the deal with a handshake.
    Guess what? The bike is still in the garage and still for sale.
    The first guy with CASH in his hand takes it home.
    The only way i'd hold the bike overnight is with a $100+ deposit.
  24. Trust me, if I go look at another bike, that money will be within easy access. :supergrin:
  25. I also don't mind getting a bike that needs a little work. As long as it runs and is rideable when I pick it up. I honestly enjoying working on bikes.

    I have a 1981 CM400E in my garage that I've been meaning to get running again and sell. The only thing that bothers me is the throttle cables are a bit of a pain to hook up on that thing!

  26. Do not rush in to the 600 class and wait for a 700 or 750 sportbike.the 600 is just going to move you into the 1000 class
    faster. Good Luck and Ride Safe:thumbsup:

    hope the guy that fouled up your 700, has that happen to him when he wants to buy something, so he learns "you are only as good as your word."
  27. Dude you're better off on not getting a 93 ZX7. I had one and blew my motor up at the 40K mile marker......then again I rode the ever loving piss out of it......man I loved that bike. It was the coolest looking bike out at that time..... you missed out on buying a great bike.
  28. You can probably find a mid 90s Nighthawk 700 for a good deal less than $2000. They handle well, have good power, and are very low maintenance. Self adjusting valves, shaft drive, etc.



    I used to play on a couple 700s at the dealer where I worked when I was in high-school. They are really intuitive and easy to ride... plus they are pretty quick.

    I'd sooner ride an old 700 Nighthawk over any Katana 600. I'd bet that a 2-decade old CB700 would take it to a SV650 in a straight-up street race too.
  29. So, if anybody needs a left mirror for a 1993 ZX7, I might know where you could get one for about $30! :animlol: :ender:
  30. That would be a mid-80s Nighthawk. Other than that I agree. Mid 90s were the CB750 Nighthawk - chain drive and slower steering than the 80s.

  31. Mid-80s:
  32. The bikes we have here at our local MSF course are Nighthawk 250's. Those actually had more power than one would think.
  33. That's what I meant, "90s" was a typo. The links, specs and "2-decade old" reference I posted were related to mid-80's Nighthawks. IMO, they were pretty reliable and predictable bikes, with enough oomph for fun.