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1987 BMW 325e 5sp 2.7L straight 6-cyl E30 $1500 Columbus, Ohio

Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by sts47, Oct 19, 2006.

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    Dec 20, 2005
    Akron, OH
    1987 BMW 325e 5sp 2.7L straight 6-cyl E30 $1500 (Columbus, Ohio)

    1987 BMW E30 325e Black
    Runs well, drives even better! Great handling car. 5 speed manual transmission.
    2.7 liter straight 6 cylinder engine.
    ~170k miles on title, but has a new gauge cluster from 325i reading ~140k
    Sport steering wheel.
    Has new Koni Sport single adjustable shocks.
    New Hawk HPS brake pads
    ATE power slot rotors on front, and OE replacements on rear
    New transmission mounts, Shock mounts, shifter bushings.
    Have new engine mounts, but have not put them in yet.
    New distributor and rotor, recent tuneup, spark plugs, transmission and differential fluid replaced.
    Clutch is still good
    New Battery
    Power steering
    Power locks
    Power windows
    heat works

    now the bad.

    Rear main seal leaks a bit of oil, was hit in the right rear quarter a few
    owners ago and the repair was a bit shoddy, but is not too noticeable.
    Passenger window is off the track, i have not had time to put it back on, but it's a simple job.
    Alternator belt is squeaky.
    AC does not work, though compressor is installed.
    No radio.
    Driver knee panel under the dash is missing
    Shift knob is a bad aftermarket one.
    Previous owner had dogs.
    Driver seat is from a 4 door model and does not flip forward. also is tan vynil instead of the gray cloth like the rest of the car.
    The passenger side fog light cover is broken, but the light still works.
    No criuse control. The actuator is under the hood, but there is no control stalk on the column.

    This car is no beauty queen, but she'll get you where you need to go, and with the new suspension, it'll feel nice too!

    You are welcome to come look at the car, call or email me for arrangements.

    $1500 cash


    (614) 562-2679


    more pics here