1940-46 brownie target six-20

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    Feb 22, 2005
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    o man its a box camera that takes 620 roll,no longer made,uyou can use 120 roll but you have to do a few minor things .bottom line is the plastic rolls that take up the film are differnt.so you can either re roll in darkness or trimm the rolls on the 120 a bit.
    but man what a timne capsule.its in mint condition.everthing is their ,the decal on the kodak decal in side looks like brand new.i dont think it was ever used.20 bucks is a steal imho.they were 275 new so they have gone up alot in comparrison to what they cost new.the only rust is a hint of corrosion around the finder lens.its really cheap metal so im suprized its not more corrodded!