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1911, super 38 or .45 acp?

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guys i plan to have a single stack 1911. what would you recommend, super 38 or .45 acp?

i am considering a super 38 but have no idea how the recoil kicks. what is it comparable to?

thanks for the replies.:supergrin:
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I really feel that my eardrums are going to rupture with the sound of a 38 super going off. It's supersonic, and it needs to be so as to be right up there in Power Factor with the 45 as a major IPSC round. Without ear protection, I believe using it will induce flinching, and deafness ;), which would be bad in the long term.

I'll have to recommend the 45acp. Not as noisy, and with the better ammo choices, is right at the top of the OSS (one shot stop) food chain.

Just my 2 centavos... ;)
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