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1911 Ria

Discussion in 'Band of Glockers' started by .45 Combat, May 16, 2006.

  1. .45 Combat

    .45 Combat

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    Oct 29, 2005
    I have got to ask you all a question, since RIA is built in the Phillipines, and from what I understand the 1911's are very popular, any particular brand of course. Now from what I understand Colt is popular.

    Now my question is this does RIA build a quality gun like the Colt and the other clones? I've heard that since labor is cheap over there, RIA builds as good a gun as any.

    Do you guys know any different, I know people have had good experiences with the RIA guns, and also that RIA is building on Colt machinery from WW2.

    So I don't want to spend on something that may have poor metallurgy, or just another completely cast gun.
  2. horge

    horge -=-=-=-=- Lifetime Member

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    Jan 22, 2004
    almost home
    Hi, .45 Combat :)

    RIA's are not built on Colt's machinery.
    They are made using investment cast 4140 steel parts
    that are then heat treated to get the desired hardness.
    This is all done under contract by Armscor.

    As for any bias vs. cast...
    It's all in the heat treatment. Look at Ruger's castings.
    Those are almost bombproof. A lot of 'forged-steel' 1911's
    are hampered by including MIM parts, which are categorically
    weaker than forged or investment cast pieces that have been
    properly heat-treated for hardness.

    Best to check unbiased owner feedback on RIA 1911's. has an "Other brands" subforum where satisfaction
    with RIA 1911's is pretty rampant, but problems are nevertheless
    reported, in great detail.


  3. PawDog

    PawDog NRA Member

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    Mar 3, 2005
    Big Thicket, Texas
    I've put over 1000 rounds of various ammo thru my RIA Milspec, and have had NO FTF issues, excluding using a worn out magazine I mistakenly bought at a local gun show. My son has a Springer 1911 Milspec, he paid $125.00 more for than mine, and both have performed at the same level of accuracy.....