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1911 Duty Carry

  1. I've seen a lot of detectives that will carry a 1911 but I don't see to many patrol officers carrying them. I was just wondering if any officers do carry a 1911 while on the job or if everybody is just going the Glock route?
  2. Our patrol division is issued a Kimber 1911. They all seem to love them. :supergrin:
  3. I carry a Springfield MC Operator every day I work. It's bone stock except for the Dawson fiber optic front sight replacement.

    I'm lucky that my department is small enough to allow personally owned weapons.
  4. Wilson Combat on the job. Colt off duty. Troopers around here are issued Sigs I think.

  5. My agency allows them. Several carry them. In fact it is all Glocks, 1911 and two HKs.
  6. No SAO for patrol here, either primary or backup. Off duty requires special permission.
  7. There are two departments here in Georgia that I know of who issue Kimber 1911s. Almost everyone else issues Glocks and a few others issue Smith & Wesson M&Ps.
  8. I was on scene with a Pierce County WA Sheriff deputy with one Sunday, they have allowed them for years.
    City of Tacoma WA offers it, a dept. issued Kimber if memory serves.
    City of Puyallup WA PD. A friend carries a very nice Wilson he had done up.
  9. Years ago while I was vacationing in Long Beach, Washington I saw a city patrol officer with a Kimber 1911.
  10. Limestone County, AL Sheriff Department were issued Sig 1911s after a perceived "fail" by a 9mm used in an OIS. I'm fortunate enough to work for a dept that allows them and I'm the onliest officer in my county who carries one.


    I get a lot of comments from officers in the surrounding JDs who say they wish they could carry one.
  11. Not authorized for duty use at my dept, but they are allowed off-duty if qualified with.

    Personally I'd carry my P220 vs my 1911 if given the choice.
  12. Love to carry one but dept won't authorize anything in 45.
  13. How does that tripple compare to a quad in terms of space on the belt?

    I am tempted to get one and put three 10 rounders in thier. They might stick up a little too much judging by the pic.

    And we have 5 people in the department carrying them. Me in patrol with a Colt, a patrol Sgt. with a Kimber, a motor with a Smith, a detective with a Kimber, and a dective Lt. who wears a Kimber in uniform and sometimes a Colt Commander in plainclothes.

    there are a few more that like 1911s but they just don't like dropping down in capacity. I am tempted from time to time carrying a P228, expecially since the P224 came out.
  14. All of you guys that work for places that authorize the 1911 for duty carry are very fortunate!

    With my last gig, I carried a Kimber Pro TLE off duty and for special assignments not requiring a full duty rig and class A's. I loved being able to rock nothing but a 1911, two reloads and a large bowie on my belt for MJ erad. Got some interesting comments and looks from the public as well! :supergrin:

    Looks like my days with the 1911 may be numbered, however. Don't want to open my trap too soon (i.e. before the cheif hand me my badge) but it looks like I'm going to be getting a G22 with my next department. That being the case, I'll probably retire my 1911's to range duty and stick with the compact and subcompact Glocks for times requiring something besides a fullsize.
  15. The triple is noticeably narrower than the quad or a traditional double. I would say at least an inch, but I'm not in a position to measure right now. I did not feel that the ten rounders stuck up too much.
  16. My agency doesn't issue any weapons, and further doesn't allow single action weapons for primary duty guns. They don't give any real reason why, but I'm sure CALEA and the fact that "they look scary" are heavy arguing points for our admin. I'd love to carry one for duty, but my G21 is good enough I suppose.

    We are allowed 1911's for back-up/off-duty, but since we are limited to three pistols, my 642 and G26 round out my stable for work guns. Maybe someday they'll come around...
  17. I've been tempted to pick one up to try out, but I'm not sure I want to add the weight of another P226 mag on my belt after doing everything I could to lighten it up after having back pain.

    Hard to argue more ammo is a bad thing though.
  18. Just remember that the Safariland 775 triple carrier for 1911 mags has belt slots cut ONLY for vertical carry. I love hortizontal carry but the 1911 mag carrier775 can't be cut for either/or carry slots. Not enough room on the back. If you get a 775 for double-stack mags there is sufficient width that Safariland cuts slots for both methods of carry.

    DBBR, I'm never going to overtake you as far as being a gear guru/gear queer!
  19. I carry a 1911 for duty, Springfield Operator to be exact:supergrin:. I am also considering the slim line mag pouches or a quad pouch. I would think 3 mags is ok, hell I have two right now.
  20. Not allowed. Must be G23 or G22, by policy. Must be G22, by practice; they won't issue me the G23 I asked for.
  21. Nice choice in a sidearm. I posted a pic 'cuz I thought it would help illustrate what I choose to deal with. The rest is up to you! Good Luck, Brother.
  22. Are those mags as totally reliable with your gun as standard 7s?
  23. I work for a gun store that serves a lot of the LEO agencies in Vegas. I see a lot of LVMPD guys carrying 1911's these days. In fact, I've noticed a lot of guys switching from .40 to 9mm or Glocks to 1911's. Seems to be some sort of trend around here.

    A few weeks back I had a K9 officer show up to the store with a 1911 and eight 10 round mags on his belt. He bought one of those Blackhawk! duty belt pads...I wonder why?
  24. I used to work in Long Beach, that would be the Sgt. with the 1911. He was the coolest boss I've had. Sometimes I wish I still worked there.
  25. I carry Chip McCormick Power 10's. They are every bit as reliable as the 7 or 8 rounders and you can get 2 or 3 more rounds of 230 grain goodness....

    I know Wilson makes a 10 rounder but I like the large bumper pad that the Chip's have on them.
  26. Seeing a officer carrying a Sig 1911 is just way too cool! :cool:
  27. I'm curious about something. DO any of you that carry a production 1911 (not custom guns like Wilson/Brown) have any reliability work done to your duty weapon? Or are they all bone stock as shipped from the manufacture?
  28. I guess he would laugh at me for my 8+1 in the gun and two ten rounders total. At one point I carried five eight rounders. That did not last long. If I felt like spending money on duty stuff I'd probably grab on of those Safariland triple pouches shown earlier.

    As far a reliability of 1911's for duty, I cannot think of any of my co-workers who have done any tinkering with their's and they run just fine. The majority of 1911's are Kimbers. Mostly because they don't know any better and probably think Only Kimber and Colt make 1911's

    On the range, the only guns I have seen fail to the point of striking implements are Glocks-mostly Glock 21s.

  29. Informal polling suggests to me that for most non gun or non tactical minded Officers serving in patrol duties, capacity is the issue. CID types are probably looking for a thinner, easier to carry pistol, & anyone wanting the 'latest & greatest' in availability, will probably go w/the M&P over the Glock. Most Sig guys seem to stay w/Sig, & every once in a while may try a different caliber, if authorized. 'Gun Guys' & the Tactical Gurus who roll w/the 1911 don't seem concerned w/the capacity issue, or filling the duty belt up w/spare mags, rather, they seem to have a plan (have trained for it, & don't mind telling you that they have a plan, etc) to fight their way back to their vehicle for a shoulder fired weapon. On calls that seem to cross a certain 'hair on the back of the neck' threshold, or take them too far away from their vehicle, seem to mount up w/a shoulder fired weapon, anyways. Having said all that, I'd carry a 1911 while on duty if allowed, but alas, that's not an option.
  30. Mine is bone stock minus a Dawson fiber optic front sight. That's purely a sight picture choice on my part. As long as I keep it relatively clean and oiled, it has no issues.

    I started off carrying a Hoffner's quad pouch that Cochese was kind enough to send my way. i switched to a Safariland 775 and carry 3 10 rounders and a 10 rounder in the pistol. The way I figure, if I need more than 41 rounds of .45, it's time to get back to the trunk and get the AR.
  31. They are more reliable than any 8 rounders I have tried. Actually they are probably better than my 7 rounders. Of course my 7 rounders are getting to be a decade old. Hmmm. Maybe I need to replace my springs and followers. I have had ral good luck with Tripp's kits.
  32. The only reliability mod I did was file down the breechface extention. It was causing our Winclean rounds to hang up.
  33. I am always amazed how often guys do not put a carbine into play. I have had many a conversation with people with a slung M4. Fortunately our policy does not require supervisor approval or some such nonsense to take the carbine.

  34. Yeah, seeing almost an entire department armed with 1911s is pretty dool. Mine is a Springfield, not a Sig.
  35. I changed out some parts. I went with a Wilson Combat billet steel extractor. Removed the titanium firing pin and extra power firing pin spring and replaced them with a heavier steel pin and standard spring (better primer strikes), a Les Baer polished tool steel disconnector instead of the MIM OEM part, 18-1/2 pound recoil spring instead of the OEM 16-lb, and removed the original MSH assembly that had the Springfield Armory lock and replaced it with a S&A checkered steel MSH. Lastly, I switched out the ambi safety for a single sided extended one.

    The gun was totally reliable before I did any of that, I just did it because I wanted to.
  36. I went from Wilson Combat ETM 8 rounders to CMC Power+ 10 rounders and saw no difference in reliability.
  37. We are able to carry a personally owned 1911. It seems like everybody carries something different, STI Tactical, Sig, and Two Kimbers.

    I carry a Springfield TRP with Ion Bond coating. I currently have a TRP Operator at the Springfield custom shop getting the same treatment plus a few other goodies, once that one get's back it will return to duty.

  38. Wilson ETM 9mm 10 round mags now instead of the Metalforms.

    Gun has a 10-8 trigger and trigger job from the guys at American Guns (Gunsmoke).


  39. How much did that trigger job set you back buddy........
  40. Oh well I guess that the price of fame....

    I still ain't driving 12+ hours to get a trigger job done....
  41. My little department in TN allows them but I don't think there's ever been an officer to carry one. The only officers in the whole state of TN I have seen with 1911's are some of the Chattanooga SWAT guys and I'm not so sure they aren't DA variations because there not cocked and locked. In East Tn Glock 22/21/31's make up 90% of the carry weapons. Sig 220's make up almost the remaining %.
  42. How often do you detail strip your 1911 to clean if you carry on duty?
  43. I haven't detail stripped it yet. It has a couple thousand through it.

    I just take it down to field strip and clean and oil. I'll tear it down one of these days.
  44. Gotcha. You have the best duty springer I've seen:cool:
  45. Thanks! It has served me well, although some people say it makes holes too small. Whatever. :)
  46. May I ask why you chose the 9 over 45? Capacity?
  47. Not really. Although ten rounders in 9 are nicely sized compared to .45 on a duty belt!

    I don't see a discernible advantage of .45 or .40 over 9mm. We issue RA9T, RA40T, and RA45T.

    Of our shootings, there is no advantage for .45 or .40 over 9. I don't like the muzzle rise or recoil of .40. I actually don't mind .45 at all. I think it is a hoot to shoot. I can buy a lot more 9mm for the cost of .40 and .45 though.

    I'm really effing accurate with this thing too. It is like a BB gun with a SF Xseries hanging off the muzzle. Rings steel like a MOFO.
  48. What he really means to say is that his girly hands don't like .45....

    I field strip and clean/oil mine. I don't have near as many rounds through mine but barring some catastrophic issue, you should be good.

    My MC Operator is accurate enough for my needs and with the Dawson front sight, the sight picture is quick to acquire. I can tell you that I can definitely feel a difference in the muzzle rise of the .45 with out the added weight of my TLR-1s on the front.
  49. The issue pistol is a GLOCK 22 but I rarely carry it, though I don't think the .40 is all that bad of a cartridge. When I switch out the .45 1911 on my belt (or off duty) for another sidearm 90% of the time it's a GLOCK 34. I'm really comfortable with either round. Capacity doesn't mean spit. I guess I just enjoy being unconventional.