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1911 140 & 170 mm mag springs????

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this might be a stupid question but i'll ask it anyway.:supergrin:
what's 140mm & 170mm mags replacement springs?
pag-sinabi bang 140mm it's for officer size mags & the 170mm is for the gov't & commander size mags?
or pag 140mm spring is for 7-rndr mags & 170mm is for 8-rndr mags?
help...please... wala kasi akong alam tungkol dito. :freak:
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Originally posted by batangueno
Para sa double stack magazines yan. The 140mm and 170mm refers to the length of the magazine. These long magazines are only legal sa Open division, mag-oopen ka na rin ba? :supergrin:
ay tange... sabi ko na ngaba stupid question to e.:freak:

e kapatid, yung mags spring ng CMC na pede e convert yung 7-rndrs na mags to 8-rndrs meron ba dyaan satin?
mga magkano kaya per pc. yun? :supergrin:
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