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17L price

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I have the chance to buy a 17L something that I have wanted and just
never picked up.
I remember in the late 80's seeing them in the shop for $399.00 (Remember that) Wow Im getting old.

It's about 75% a used shooter nothing more he wants an offer I told him $550.00 he laughed, what do you think should I go offer more???

Thanks for the imput.
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Hi,i have a G17L that is about 1 1/2 years old,perhaps 200 rds through the factory barrel and another 2000 through a Lone Wolf barrel.I would rate my pistol in 90% condition and i still would not ask that much if i was to sell it.For the price you've offered for his 17L you'd be better off getting a new G34 or a G17. I like my 17L but if i was to do it over now i'd have gotten a G17 and been just as happy.The 17L is a rarer gun but i don't feel it's worth the price it gets.
I would never pay $550 for a Glock in 75%. The 17L I bought last year was like brand new and I got it for $550 shipped here on GT. Look around they are out there in better shape and for less money.
$550 was a more than fair offer by you.

Its not like Glock will not make them again. Personally, I'd rather have a g34. If you ever got the urge to get 6" barrel there are tons of after market options. I don't think the slight increase in sight radius means much after a certain point.
I think they are 700-800 here but I wouldn't pay that much.
i just go one 95% made 1/08 for 525.00
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