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17 round mags for G22?

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I was in a gas station tonight to get some beer and saw the Glock magazine. On the cover it talked about the new model 22 with rough texture and available 17 round magazine. My gun shop doesnt have them. Anyone have access to them? Does it stick out of the mag well? Is it just a 2 round extension?
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+2 extension. will sit outside of the mag well a tiny bit.
^What Tim said. 15rds. suits me just fine. :)

It's only Glock 22 mag with a Glock factory original 7151 + extension will give you +2 rounds.
My + Glock extension only gets + 1 round.
My + Glock extension only gets + 1 round.
I had the same results with pierce.
Guess Im lucky. Both my G27 mags with + can get 2 more to make it 11 + 1. I did use my old G27 springs though., and its perfect.
My + Glock extension only gets + 1 round.
It's because G22 mags comes with and 11 coil spring, leave it loaded for a few days and then you will be able to put +2 on it!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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