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14 year old daughter wants to earn a bike, Owasso Oklahoma

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I posted on Craigslist asking if anyone needed yard work, outside window washing, dog walking done so my 14 year old can replace her bike that was ruined because the management of our old apartment wouldn't let us store the bike inside. They insisted it had to be chained up to a bike rack during the Minnesota winter.

We live in Owasso Oklahoma now and she wants to earn a new bike. Either a 10 speed, 18 speed or mountain bike. It doesn't have to be "new from the store", just new to her and in good enough shape it will last her a while.

If anyone has any work in the Three Lakes area in Owasso, she would be happy to do it. She doesn't have equipment, but if you have a mower and a rake, she will do the work. She can do the outside windows (no inside work unless mom is with her). She loves animals and would love to walk and brush your dogs.
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Hoping someone in the area sees this...she really wants a bike to get to and from the "Y". That's the only access to fun water activities here. We can't get a membership to the "Y", but they have the water park area that is free next to it.
Still looking for jobs for her to do. Anybody in the Owasso Oklahoma area have pets they want pampered or outside windows washed?
Still hoping to get the attention of some locals :bump:
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