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135 +p 9mm critical duty

  1. I have started carrying this in my gen 4 19 edc , would like to know if tnoutdoors has tried it in a 43 or 43x , or any one else has , if so what was the velocities and did it open up out of the 3.4 inch barrel
  2. In the Lucky Gunner tests it only opened up to .47" from a 3.5". It's really meant for duty length barrels, 4" or longer.
  3. I'd like to see a good test of the 9mm Federal 135-grain Tactical Bonded +P. It's been available for a long time and I still haven't found a credible gel test posted on the Internet.
  4. It’s my issued duty load for work.

    I have chrono’d it out of my G17 and G26. I don’t recall off the top of my head what the results were, but if I can find it in my notes I’ll post it.
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    Its great ammo, you do your job, it will do its job. But, all of the literature from hornady will steer you away from carrying critical duty in short barrels.
  6. It will work in even a g26/43 length barrel from what I have seen the actual 50 round le boxes are loaded hotter than the little 20 round peasant box 1110-1130FPS out of a g19 and the the 20 round box are more around 1090-1100 from all the chrono testing I have seen. I have both the Le 50 round and a box of 20. I need a crony and I can verify

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  7. Different lot variations likely.
  8. The thing to remember is that the Critical Duty 135 grain +P and Speer Gold Dot G2 147 were designed, in part at least, to meet FBI penetration and expansion criteria, with penetration being judged more important of the two. I suppose carrying what ever load the FBI and other federal agencies issue to their agents is important to some, but it is wise to remember again that those rounds were developed to perform against a wide variety of barriers, from cloth to auto glass to car bodies, and not everyone who is simply carrying concealed for self defense has to be concerned with all of those scenarios. From both a standard barrel and shorter barreled semi auto pistol, the Speer 124 grain +p has proven to be a very capable performer even though it was designed developed a real street track record long before the FBI decided to return to the 9mm. The Federal HST, Remington Golden Sabre, and other relatively conventional 115/124 grain bullets are also good. They may not work as well on certain hard barriers, but shooting into cars and other such barriers is not always a smart thing, even for LEOs. Thing to remember is that shot placement is what really makes all the difference, and that there are some problems that a handgun just can’t take care of but good planning and being aware of ones' environment can make all the difference.
  9. This ^^ 10x over.
  10. walkin trails I think you are correct I have carried 124 +p gd for years and have them back in my 19 and 43x that are my edc
  11. FWIW, a LE buddy told me a month ago that both their sheriff's dept. and NE ST Patrol had very recently switched to this exact Hornady load and between them they had recorded four instances where it was employed. All four were double taps which stopped the threats immediately. Needless to say, so far they are quite happy with what they've seen from it so far.
  12. I'd keep it around for the G19, but any shorter barrels might be better off with something else. It doesn't expand like some but it is a good cartridge...I prefer the better penetration than a .1 extra bit of jagged metal.
  13. The 135 gr. Critical Duty is was designed as a LE duty round and therefore perform well the FBI test. In order to shine in that test a projectile has to perform well across a wide range to barriers. The test also uses a firearm with a 4" barrel. The Critical Duty was not designed to be fired from a sub 4" barrel and doesn't reach the velocity needed for the projectile to perform to it's capability. Here is a test by shooting the bull demonstrating it.

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iA7FTjmLiQQ&list=PLgNSGOEQko_M90AMdRCDMgd-w4Yozc27i
  14. I can’t find my notes on it. This was before I had a chrono that would sync with my phone and record all my data automatically.

    I do remember it being close to advertised velocity out of my G17. As in a lot closer actual velocity than most self defense ammo claims.

    It’s jotted down somewhere, if it turns up I’ll post it.
  15. I wouldnt get caught around the axle in regards to velocity. Federal agents using 19m are issued the round. If you have less barrel length than a G26, your risk goes up if you choose critical defense. The round also recoils quite a bit in smaller weapons, and while they use flash suppressant, there is still that to contend with along with a short barrel and the recoil. A self defense minded person, carrying less barrel length than a 26 is better served with lower recoiling ammo for faster followups and with an ammo designed for short barrel lengths like GD for short barrel or Hornady crit defense.
    A trained LEO or Agent has to follow hiring organization policy.

  16. I have not shot it or chronographed through anything shorter than a G19; going with Hornady's suggested protocol on barrel length. It is best suited in a 4.5 or longer barrel as ME creeps up to 400 ft lbs, plus momentum and power factor would be a bit higher than even 124 +P at 1200 fps. If I carried a G17 or G34 type of 9mm, 135 +P Critical Duty would be one of my top choices. In off-camera tests from the G19 past few years velocities have dropped to 1080 fps on average, which I feel might induce marginal expansion. Due to these inconsistencies with multiple production lots I've dropped Critical Duty from my EDC rotation.

    As for Hornady's fallback option of the Critical Defense, I would carry their 124 XTP at std pressure over that, or 124 std pressure Gold Dot or HST. If you can handle recoil out of the 3.4" barrel, the +P variations of those three is good. I almost forgot.....the 124 +P Critical Duty as a contender.
  17. Tnt, have you gotten to look at Black Hills Honeybadger (100gr, 9mm+p)?
  18. some corrections to my above.
  19. I was given 200 rounds of it about a year ago by a friend. I fired two mags of it and still have it. I couldn’t shoot it right now. I would be counting dollars instead of rounds.
  20. I love the name manufactures come up with to hype ammo like Zombi Max, Black Talon, Ranger, wonder what the Space Force will choose, some new ammo design to stop intergalactic aliens??
  21. No plans to test or even purchase that product...but thank you for inquiring. The bullet appears to be the Lehigh Xtreme Defender or Penetrator......or a deviation of either, and we already know those capabilities. Just another company reloading the Lehigh copper bullet. I can only imagine the hours of internal meetings necessary to come up with the "Honeybadger" branding.

    I watched a couple of YT videos on this, one from Gun Talk Media and the other from Guns and Ammo. All told, 7 minutes of gibberish and not much data or helpful visuals.
  22. its a flavor of the defender family. But I think your 90gr Underwood video covers it well. Its accuracy and low recoil impressed me, so its my carry choice.
  23. thanks tnoutdoors9 I will stay with 124 +p gd when I carry my 43x do you still carry 147 hst in your 19 in the winter , my gen 4 19 is my edc year round I was thinking 124 +p gd in summer and 147 hst in winter
  24. Critical duty was designated for LE in mind however I don’t know which federal agencies are actually currently using it.

    It’s not a knock against Critical Duty. It’s just that my fed friends have told me how their duty ammo keeps changing. My friend who works for a three letter agency has had his ammo change several times in less than 3 years from 147 gold dots, 124+p gold dots, and various HST rounds. I don’t remember the order or what he carries now.
  25. It didn’t work well with my 43. Went to the 115g.
  26. I'm not really a fan of the Critical Duty line up. Doubly so in barrel lengths below 4". There are far better choices, IMO.

    With the current craziness, I can understand people carrying what they have. I had been toying with switching my 9mm choice to HST. I'll just keep my Gold Dot that has been vetted in my guns and that I bought in bulk prior to the current insanity.

    I do admit I am biased to a degree in regards to Hornady. A personal, bad experience with the Critical Duty round.
  27. I never warmed up to this round as I don't plan on shooting in the same situations as law enforcement does (i.e. windshields, other barriers) . I'll take original 9mm Gold Dot 124gr. / 147gr. or Federal HTS 124gr. / 147gr. and be happier.
  28. Those other rounds you mentioned are LE rounds designed with similar parameters in mind. If its bonded or belted, it keeps the copper on the lead. Copper is barrier blind.

    that said, they have all shown to work very well. GD and HST are mentioned in many other threads throughout GT
  29. I carry HST 124+P in my G45 and IMI 115 Di Cut in my G43X. I am not sure how the IMI will perform, but what I have read tells me this is a good round.
  30. Those rounds do just fine with barriers, especially Gold Dot.

    And yes, civilians can encounter barrier situations. It happens.
  31. At present time I'm carrying a non-bonded JHP in my pistols with the second magazine loaded with bonded JHP for just this reason. Both rounds have being thoroughly vetted in every CCW pistol.
  32. I like hornady CD 135 +p alot. But this time last year I switched to this HB (name licensed from Q) For the 26/43/365/HC/Shield types it is a great option and my HC 13+1 total weight at 100gr is so much lighter than 135 or 147gr. Shootability plus carry weight make it a great option for ~3 inch 9mm. With 19 or 17 sized pistols you get even more velocity.
  33. The Critical Duty is my least favorite of the good LE rounds. It doesn’t expand much, but doesn’t make up for the lack of expansion in better penetration. It’s “barrier blind”, but so are others. It got the FBI contract, but that doesn’t hold a lot of weight, by itself. I’ve read the FBI uses sub-guns in 9mm. I don’t. I also don’t know what politics were involved in the decision. I do know very few FBI Agents fire their weapon, compared to other agencies. (Obviously, I’m not talking about HRT or other specialty units).

    I would rather have Remington Golden Saber Bonded, Winchester Ranger Bonded, Federal Tactical Bonded, Federal HST, Speer Gold Dots, before I would choose Hornsby Critical Duty. With that said, several agencies around me have gone with it and I wouldn’t be upset with carrying it.
  34. Handle the recoil of a 9mm??? Whaaaaaaaaat???? (With my best Hank Hill impersonation)

    Aren’t there far better choices than this round in general?
  35. What do you mean by “sub-gun”

    They are carrying 19M. Before that I believe it was the M11(P228). Both highly respected firearms.
  36. Sub-guns:


    Not referring to the sidearm/handguns they carry all the time.

    ETA: This is an internet pull for examples of sub-guns, not necessarily what the FBI uses.
  37. Traditional, Georgia, SAs/1811 types are M4/19M trained. The FBI is an oddman out with their own academy. So they may be training to pistol caliber close quarter stuff. That said, the 19M with 135+P CD passes the tests. Longer barrels will only help.
  38. Its very good. I use it in every defense pistol and revolver.