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13 things you won't hear at the dayona 500

Discussion in 'The Lighter Side' started by okie, Feb 27, 2009.

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    13) "None for me thanks. That Skoal will do a number on your teeth."
    12) "Tampax! Get 'cha Tampax here!"
    11) "Hey, shut up! I can't hear the race."
    10) "Sex with your sister!? Man, that's sick."
    9) "My GOD, this is a splendid Merlot!"
    8) "Hey, you with the large breasts -- out of the way! We're trying to watch a
    race here!"
    7) "Chesterton, be a good lad and retrieve the Wall Street Journal from my
    attaché case, then fetch me some clotted cream for my scone."
    6) "What a coincidence, Hank -- all my friends are boycotting Hooters, too!"
    5) "These are even better seats than we had for the Lionel Richie concert!"
    4) "Good morning, Mr. Trickle. We at 'Depends' understand you're looking for a
    new corporate sponsor..."
    3) "Whew! No more beer for me, fellas..."
    2) "Filling in for Dale 'the intimidator' Earnhardt today is substitute
    driver, Michael 'Lord of the Dance' Flatley."
    1) "...and now, singing our national anthem -- international recording artist
    Boy George!"