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11/12/2005 Indoor Results @ Black Wing Delaware Ohio

Discussion in 'GSSF' started by Blackwing1, Nov 13, 2005.

  1. Blackwing1


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    Mar 26, 2005
    Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to the newest members of the 500 Club. (***name***)

    Name Score Model
    Triplett 500-46 37
    Triplett 500-44 37
    Triplett 500-43 22
    Triplett 500-41 22
    ***King*** 500-38 34
    ***Gableman*** 500-35 34
    J Webb 498-39 34
    Pryor 498-38 21
    Sapp 498-36 17
    J Webb 498-36 34
    Pryor 496-39 21
    Ellison 496-37 17L
    Ellison 496-36 17L
    J Webb 496-36 34
    Gableman 496-36 34
    Leach 496-32 24
    Sapp 494-38 17
    Sapp 494-37 17
    Ellison 494-34 17L
    Pryor 493-37 21
    Read 493-37 17
    Ellison 492-37 17L
    Ellison 492-33 17L
    Leach 491-35 24
    Leach 491-41 24
    Pryor 491-38 21
    J Webb 489-33 34
    Read 483-29 17
    S Roche 482-29 17
    Hicks 481-28 34
    Pryor 480-35 21
    J Webb 478-26 34
    S Roche 472-32 17
    Brown 469-23 ?
    S Roche 464-20 17
    Kreuz 470-24 26
    Hicks 467-28 34
    Gableman 465-25 17
    Donna Huelf 463-24 17
    Ellison 461-26 27
    Hicks 455-26 34
    S Roche 452-22 17
    S Roche 450-20 17
    Kreuz 449-22 19
    Kreuz 447-22 19
    Donna Huelf 445-24 17
    David Huelf 431-13 17
    H Jackson 428-16 17
    Jones 424-20 17
    David Huelf 416-15 17
    H Jackson 411-13 17
  2. domzilla9

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    Mar 13, 2003
    Hello Blackwing.

    Thanks for posting your scores. They're outstanding! I have a couple questions regarding your scores and the match rules. I only ask because we have a small indoor range in Louisville, KY that runs GSSF indoor matches and some of our members have questions about the way that we've been running our matches.

    1. Do you allow electronic optics (red dots) in the indoor GSSF?
    2. Do you allow competitors to shoot the same gun for a recorded score more than once in the same day?
    3. Does shooting a gun with a red dot installed and then removing the red dot and shooting it with iron sights qualify it for two scores in the same day? (may be moot depending on answer to #2)
    4. Are the scores that you posted composite score results from a three-match series or are they from a single day?

    Thanks for your time.
    Best, Dominic

  3. ede

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    Jun 25, 2004
    Heart of Dixie
    i'm not afiliated with blackwing in any mannor, other than being a shooter there (ellison) but i can answer your question i think.

    1 no
    2 yes
    3 n/a since red dots aren't allowed
    4 single score from a single match, shooters are allowed to shoot as many matches with the day as they like. the 3 match composit score is based on the shooters best score from two or more days (months) and then averaged.

    if you look you'll see me and most other shooters names listed more than once. the format that blackwing uses is also the same as new albany shooting range uses to conduct their gssf matches.
  4. domzilla9

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    Mar 13, 2003
    So if I shoot a G21 three times in the same day and I score a 488 the first time, a 479 the second and a 498 the third, my high score for the G21 on that day is a 498 and the other scores are dropped are put into another category?
  5. domzilla9

    domzilla9 Phone Flinger

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    Mar 13, 2003
    Another question. Does either blackwing or new albany raffle a gun? If they do, do you get a raffle ticket for every course of fire that you shoot or do you get one for every gun that you shoot at least twice in the same three-match series?
  6. glockess56

    glockess56 CLM

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    Mar 30, 2004
    Dublin, Ohio
    At Blackwing and New Albany, as one shooter said, you shoot as many times as you wish with any gun and your highest score for that day is counted. The contest goes for three months and you have to shoot two out of the three months. If you shoot three months, your higest scores for two out of the three months is averaged. There is a raffle. Each time you enter to shoot your name is automatically entered in the raffle. No red dots are permitted.

    It doesn't matter what or how many guns you use, your highest score for that day is the one that will count. It has to be your highest on each day. For example, you can't shoot two 498s in one month and say a 488 the next and count the two highest for one day. It has to be your higest for the two out of three months. This is explained on the website under indoor matches.

    Now, in Cincinnati, OHio, they do it entirely different than any of us. They just let you shoot one gun one time. If you shoot the same gun twice, only the first time counts. So, I could only shoot, for example, my G17 and G26 one time each. At the other places, I could shoot my G17 ten times if I wanted to and they would count my highst score. Once again, red dot or any lasers are not permitted. I hope this has helped, some. Good luck on your matches.