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New cartridge/reloading for me.
I purchased a 10mm Hi Point a few days ago. Also picked up 100 rounds of Armscor 180 grain bullets. I shot 50 of those in my last range session.
6.7 grains of Unique under a Hornady XTP 155 grain bullet.
I chrono graphed both the re loads and the factory.
Factory loads averaged 1065 fps.
The 155 grain reloads averaged 1147 fps.
One of the factory loads failed to feed. Not sure what the issue was with it.
Otherwise everything functioned fine.
All told I shot 65 rounds of 10mm today.
Used my rock chucker and RCBS dies I have had for several years and not used. I haven't owned a .40 S/W in a long time.
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Sounds like you are giving it a real reliability test.
Lyman 50th lists 150 grain jacketed HP rounds with a max load of Unique 8.1 running 1265 fps.
You really want slower powders for more vel with less pressures. Think aa#7 & 9, bluedot, longshot, powerP is ok too.
Fred do you think Blue- not blue dot- would be a good powder for 10mm?
Looked up imr blue. Close to blue dot on the burn chart.
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