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10MM Which Ammo For Different Purposes

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I picked up a G20 yesterday. I would like to use it while deer hunting as well as a carry weapon here and there. What factory ammo would you use for SD? Also, what would be a good deer hunting round? I have heard good things about Buffalo Bore and Swamp Fox. Is there a round that would be good for both or is that out of the question?
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As noted in the above posts the 175 grain Silvertip would work for both applications. Another option in a factory load would be the Hornady 180 grain XTP. If you look at the published ballistics the Silvertip is hotter than the Hornady. The Hornady will run closer to their published ballistics while the Silvertip usually runs slower however. Try them both and carry the one that runs best in your gun. Of course there are other options from smaller companies like Double Tap, Buffalo Bore, Swamp Fox etc. For a combination Deer and SD load I would avoid the heavier 200 grain loads and go with the 180.
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