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10mm Powder

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You guys loading for 10mm, what are your favorite powders? I’m an Alliant/Hercules fan from way back, love Bullseye for 9mm/45,38spl. I see where a lot of guys like Blue Dot. Any help would be great, Thanks
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Taterhead covered it pretty well.

A couple of other powders that might work for you on the higher end is VV-N105 and VV-3N38. I use N105 for my 200gr WFNGC woods carry loads.

A great place to check out for 10mm load data and experience are the 10mm Reloading Thread located right here on GT, in the Gun Related Clubs subforums. At the top of the section are stickies for each powder manufacturer, Alliant is one of them.

These stickies were first start my McNett who founded Double Tap ammo. Lots of good load data and anecdotes.
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