10 signs you might be losing it

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    1. You tend to forget things.

    2. When you drive your car, you notice that people yell at you a lot. Often, these people are lying on your hood.

    3. On more than one occasion, while shaving, you have noticed that your razor seemed kind of dull. Upon closer examination, your razor turned out to be your toothbrush.

    4. You're always searching for the right word or name. You'll be telling an anecdote, and you'll get stuck on a name, and you'll tell your listeners: "You know! That guy! With the thing! He has that thing! That guy!" And everybody will start trying to guess who you're talking about, as if you're playing charades, and finally, after ten minutes of this, it will turn out that the name you're trying to remember is: "The Pope." By this time, of course, you have no recollection of the original anecdote.

    5. You sometimes address your spouse as "General Eisenhower."

    6. You tend to forget things.

    7. You sometimes wear a bathrobe to the office.

    8. And it isn't your office.

    9. It isn't your bathrobe, either.

    10. You tend to forget things.