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1-Song 6-packs

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For those of you who are not familiar with our products, our 6-packs are focused towards competitors and other individuals who need to keep large quantities of magazines in order and protected.

We don't make cookie cutter 6-packs. We make each one of our 6-packs individually, using genuine Cordura brand 1000 denier nylon, a thick layer of felt for padding, and heavy nylon upholstery thread. Each of our 6-packs has two (flat) belt loops on the back so they can be worn on the belt, or kept in your range bag. Other items will be posted shortly. For Glocktalk members: prices are $18.95 each with $6.50 shipping for up to four 6-packs by USPS Priority Mail. See below for volume discount pricing.
We accept Money Orders, Personal Checks(if you are an established Glocktalk member)or Paypal. If you pay by check, please allow sufficient time for funds to clear before shipping. Contact us for payment information.

Available colors are Black, Medium Blue or while supplies last, Woodland Camouflage.

1. Glock Standard: G17,19,22,23,24,31,32,34,35,37,38
2. Baby Glock: G26,27,33
3. Glock Stout: G20,21
4. Glock Short-n-fat: G29,30
5. Glock G-18: Designed specifically for the long factory Glock 18 magazines.
6. Glock G-18/3: Three pocket mag pouch for G18 factory magazines under one flap with the toe of the magazines facing away from the belt.
7. Multi-Fit: This is our most versatile 6-pack. It will fit magazines from many manufacturers. Want to know if your magazine will fit? It will fit anything between the sizes of a Glock G26 and a Glock G21. Including magazines with baseplates that extend up to 1/4" to the front of the magazine. (See the picture below.)
8. Beretta 92/96
9. Sig 220
10. Sig 226/229
11. 1911: 45 acp From 6 round to 8 round
12. 1911: 10 round (designed around the Wilson 10 rd magazine.)
13. Ruger MK II
14. Walther P22
15. Keltec P32/P3AT:

Looking to swap for the following magazines:
Sig 225, 239, 245
Walther P99 family
Ruger family
HK family
XD family
Subgun mags
Beretta extended mags
Various Brands extended magazines. What do you have?

Purchase five or more (at one time) and I'll pay the shipping.
Purchase 8 and the 9th is free with free shipping.
Twelve or more contact me for dealer pricing.

Pictured is our 1911 model. This is an old picture. The new model will appear slightly different.
And for the comedian who always asks: NO, the magazines are not included.
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I've bought three of Retread's 6-packs and let me tell you they are the finest quality.

Retread - any cammo patterns? Black only?

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Well, please arrange one woodland cammo 6-pack that will fit my Glock 17 mags.

I'm going to need that mailing address again.

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Money order will go out Monday (6-26-06) morning.


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Buttstock pouches $19.95 each plus $6.50 USPS Priority for up to 4 items.
Shotgun pouch can also be made for your rifle.
AR pouch comes in either 20 or 30 round models.

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