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I purchased a Comp-Tac C-Tac holster from Gunners Alley a while ago. Since purchasing I have broken 2 or 3 of the clips for the holster. I had just been buying replacements as I went, but last time I was out of town, so I just called and was pleased when they offered to replace my clips for free with a new improved clip that won't break.

Today, I called Comp-Tac directly and explained that I have a second C-Tac that has a broken old style clip. The woman on the phone was nice, but said that since I didn't buy it from them, they won't replace the clips for free. Normally I don't ask for things for free, but a clip that has been redesigned due to breakage should be replaced by the Mfg at their expense as a defective product. Furthermore, since when do you not get service from the Mfg. for a product you purchased from an authorized dealer? The entire reason I called the Mfg. was because I didn't feel that it was fair that Gunners Alley should have to replace the Mfg. defective product out of their stock. Anyway, the holster is still a superior product, but the Mfg.'s customer service leaves something to be desired.

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