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-1 for ARinIN

Discussion in 'Smart Shopper' started by cc1970, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. cc1970


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    Dec 18, 2009
    ARinIN told me "to consider it sold" (my glock g-27. in my understanding it is = "i will take it"). He had my e-mail, cell#. On the day that he was supposed to buy it ...he disappeared. Funny part is - he picked up day. Strangely enough he was on GT, same evening. Not trying to make him look bad, but getting tired of people like him. Turn down some good deals (cause thought i had it sold).
    Will never deal with that guy again. And if you guys value your time ...well just read my post and make decisions for your selfs. Thank You.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2010