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+1 and HUGE KUDOS to Larue Tactical!!!

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My wife let me buy a few goodies on condition that I sell some bass gear, so in conjunction with my fear of another AWB, I decided to get an assault rifle.

Never having purchased one before, I had to start from scratch... so I decided to get my optics and my mounts in one shot from Larue Tactical.

First I called with some questions... talked to Cody (sp?) who was VERY cool and helpful. Then I ordered the stuff online... it was shipped in under 24 hours and I received my shipping notification from UPS (minor thing, but I love when companies do this).

Got my stuff a few days later, but to my surprise was all the FREE SWAG!!!

I got some dry rub for my meat of choice, a "Beverage Entry Tool" (it's a tactical bottle opener...
<!--graemlin::D-->), a hat, some bumper stickers, AND a "Battle Mixer" (it's a military-grade paint mixer...
<!--graemlin::D-->)... jeeze, I hope I'm not forgetting anything!

So I called them up, worried that they might have mistakenly included some other people's stuff with my order and got Cody on the phone again.

He said, "Nope... no mistake. That's just how we roll."

I mean... how frikkin' cool is that?!?!?

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Someone stole my 'dillo- was the coolest thing. I still have the 'battlefield mixer'- a paint mixer hanging in the garage, and my four year old loves to rock the LaRue tactical hat. Nice swag shipped with really nice gear.
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