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1-Adam-12. End of watch.

  1. I remember when Martin Milner died and they did that; it was a fitting tribute to a guy who inspired a lot of young men to become cops....
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  3. I still enjoy watching Adam-12 and Dragnet when I can find them. Always watched them as a kid. I wonder if it had an influence on me? LOL.
  4. One of my favorite shows. I was never a big fan of Dragnet though, except that Harry Morgan was a great second-fiddle.
  5. We will never know how many young people became firefighters, paramedics and police officers, because of the shows that Jack Webb produced (Emergency! , Adam 12 and Dragnet).
  6. Alot, for sure.
  7. Both on COZI TV, free with digital antennae. It's on as I type this.
  8. Bet current LAPD folks wish it were like that now....what a huge difference
  9. Adam 12 and Dragnet were idealized, sanitized versions of law enforcement. Officers never swore, never *****ed about management, were unfailingly polite to everyone, didn’t seem to drink, even off duty - practically robotic.
  10. yes, and the family auctioned off his memorabilia from the TV series including one of his duty guns with clam shell holster.
  11. Tagged so I can listen after work.
  12. One of my favorite episodes was when Reed was being held hostage by a few bad guys. Some how he got the upper hand. Then when Mallory planned rescue attempt he found Reed had the bad guys at gun point with a rifle. Mallory says something like, you never needed any help right?
  13. When I came on, Shaaron was still an RTO with the LAPD. I remember hearing her broadcasts as a young officer. They don’t make RTOs like they used to. The new RTOs just don’t have the same rhythm and vocal pattern as the old school RTOs. I miss them.
  14. What I remember the most was there always seemed to be a "211" in progress.
  15. Ever been to LA? There always is.... lol. It’s a big City and somewhere, in some Division, someone is getting robbed, shot, stabbed, seemingly 24/7.
  16. One of my favorite shows, still incredibly relevant all these years later. It reminds that the problems we face now are very similar to the problems we faced before I was born, and likely will continue to face after I'm gone.

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  17. Count me as one! 15 years paramedic and fire and 8 as police...

    I watched them prime time as a young-un.... I had no doubt as to what I was gonna be when I grew up!