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1-7 twist with 50 and 55 grain bullets

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I have Colt HBAR with a 1-9 twist barrel and it shoots 50 and 55 grain bullets fine. Considering a Colt 6920, but they only come in 1-7 twist. I want to stay with the cheaper factory ammo that come with 50 and 55 grain bullets and wonder if a 1-7 twist barrel will result in large group sizes. Appreciate hearing the experience of those using 1-7 twist AR barrels with 50 and 55 grain bullets.
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I have a Colt 6920 and all I shoot in it are 55 grain 5.56mm and .223 full metal jacket ammo. Works just fine and groups well if you use quality ammo. I don't use the steel case stuff so I can't speak to that.

In fact, of the AR-15 rifles I currently own, all are 1-7 twist except for my Windham CDI which is 1-9. They all shoot so similar it is difficult to tell the difference between targets for each. Then again, maybe that's just because I can't shoot any better than that.

Seriously, you don't have anything to worry about with 55 grain bullets and likely 50 as well. Good luck with your rifle.

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If you shoot varmint type 50s really fast, they might explode about 20-30 yards out, but 50 grain varmint bullets are usually not the cheapos.. 55s are typically fine.
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