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1,000,000 tickets!!!

  1. I heard leftist were buying tickets so people that wanted to go, couldn't. What they didn't understand, it's first come first show. The "tickets" are just to gauge interest and get a sense of how many will show up. Who knows if they actually did that, but I'm sure a lot of MAGA will be there.
  2. OOooo snap!!!

    looks like the people of dignity and respect are keeping quite during all the madness! :).

    Going to be a wild summer and fall!
  3. There will be a showing of multitudes of patriots in a flipping off the MSM, and the DNC.
  4. Tulsa was a great pick, as it will get people from OK, KS, MO, and AR.
  5. TX too
  6. Oh how the left want to spin this so badly. Nice to see that the real Americans are still supporting Trump.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. The local news just announced more than 800,000 ticket requests received.That's close to the million mark and to me,that is an immense amount of tickets to see/hear one man. DJT is alive and well in this part of the country.
  9. This is Monday wait until Friday.
  10. They have already tried to spin why President Trump picked Tulsa. This morning on the "news: they went back to 1921 and found some racial lynching in Tulsa....and tried to push that this is why he picked Tulsa...pretty lame, but guess any port in a storm.
  11. Yeah, because we all know Trump is so granular in his history that he would go and pull out some random and obscure thing to be the back of his campaign. Even the Left knows he isn't that smart. They keep telling everyone how dumb he is, and they think he can pull that crap?

  12. Trump could advertise a rally here in upstate NY and cuomo would instanly go up in flames.

    TRUMP, if you`re listening, please book a spot in upstate NY...
    the people of upstate NY would love nothing more than to see cuomo burn.

    Preferably the Watkins Glen NY area! The race track would hold a bunch of us!!!
  13. Everyone knows Trump is the same as the KKK.
  14. I just pray for all involved...for safety for all the LEO's tasked with crowd control...it certainly would be a prime opportunity for a few "agitators" to mix in and cause serious problems
  15. I was fortunate enough to here President Trump speak at the NRA convention in Indy. GREAT time, The man is a great speaker and knows what hes talking about. MAGA KAG.
  16. Silent Majority.
  17. Wish I could go...
  18. I want no part of a crowd with the plague still rampant. I think any of these gathering is a bad idea. Social distancing just went out the window. What's wrong with television? Why preach safety steps then violate them a million times? MAGA yes, if there are any survivors.
  19. Oh gawd, here we go with the debbie downing and karenism`s.
  20. All you people buying tickets...I would rather you just vote.

    It's so important I took the day off from work
  21. Lets find out first who they are voting for.
  22. Politics aside, do you think it's a good idea? In our area they cancelled Fairs, Festivals, Church gatherings and virtually all crowd type activities and we have an extremely low infection and exactly ONE fatality. I'm talking common sense here, not an election.
  23. Saturday. They talked him into not doing it on Juneteenth.
  24. If everyone is required to wear a mask, what is the problem?
  25. Good grief, man! You still falling for that?!

    Early test results of Minnesota protesters show few coronavirus positives

    Coronavirus testing of more than 1,300 people who protested Minnesota’s Twin Cities after the death of George Floyd shows few new positive cases, according to a report.

    Health officials across the country have expressed fear the mass protests over the black man's death in police custody that have taken place over the past two weeks could lead to new outbreaks of the virus.

    But those fears haven’t been borne out in Minneapolis and St. Paul, as of yet, based on early test results, the St. Paul Pioneer Press reported Saturday.......

  26. Yeah I figured they would cut off the tickets sometime Friday.
  27. And yet, you express no concerns about massive BLM rallies and riots. Just anti-Trump TDS.
  28. I'm not saying your wrong I just think it's still a good idea to avoid crowds. Good luck with it.
  29. What’s that they say? Some people did something?

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  30. I think I heard the place only holds about 19000. So if a couple hundred thousand is outside, I would advise agitators to think again.
  31. "Agitators" will be seriously outnumbered. I expect they are smart enough not to start something with a bunch of people who won't take a knee.

  32. ... is not going to stay silent anymore. :flag:
  33. [​IMG]
  34. I guess we do owe the rioters for something. They proved that COVID social distancing was a bunch of crap.
  35. There is more than one way to be woke.

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  36. If they did, they wont like where that knee ends up!
  37. BLM members health and well being concern me not at all. The rioter's and looter's should be prosecuted according to the law. Why are they part of the equation anyway? Isn't that a totally different issue? I'm saying that with all the warnings about social distancing and avoiding gatherings of ten people or more why is this huge gathering even considered? Is the government stance that now all this distancing is BS? If it is why are waver's being made a part of attending? Either it's a great threat or it's no threat all. By the way, is it true you've posted over five hundred times and not one concerned fire arms? A bit strange for a Gun Forum.
  38. Did you miss the "Y" words in middle school?
  39. November:
  40. Why is it that when faced with a question that they don't have an answer for posters rely grammatical or spelling to deflect from a post? Sorry I used "your" instead of you're. A pretty silly dodge to avoid answering the question . But it does make you look so much smarter than me. I also noticed your "like" is from another who side slips questions with grammar corrections.
  41. I like this, but before I pass it on, I need to know the #'s are accurate...so I will do some checking
  42. Nearly 4000 new cases in Texas today...
    Don't back out now....

    Whoop and holler real loud!

    And no masks, those are for queers!
  43. If the demonrats can riot, the republicans can rally.
    And anybody who doesn't like it can pound sand.
  44. Are you going? Talk is cheap, you know. As I said in the beginning it seems like your asking for mass infection. A few of mine, do you have pictures of your guns? IMG_3404.JPG IMG_3402.JPG B Revolvers 001.jpg AR-15's Large.jpg
  45. No I do not think it is a good idea health wise. If Trump is trying to kill off his base maybe it makes sense. I may be wrong, if the data showing infections from the protests is low then I will change my mind.