0-8-2 RSA part number/marking change for G26/27/33/39

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    So for those that don’t want to sit through a long paragraph here’s the long and the short: the recoil spring assembly for the Glock 26/27/33/39 which used to be 0-8-1 (reading it left, right bottom) is now 0-8-2, and the difference is a “*slight*” increase in spring weight. The assemblies are marked differently + the metal sleeve on the internal spring is shinier (at least on mine).

    For those that like the whole story:

    So my trusty gen 3 G27 is approaching 10,000 rounds and in the time I’ve developed a fairly regular maintenance schedule for RSA replacement. I’ve had some trigger pins break on me, and although the gun continued to function flawlessly with a broken pin (if you want a visual, the trigger pin has those three “sections”, break off one of the outer portions and leave 2/3rds of the pin intact), it does result in an inconsistent trigger pull and is really just something I’d like to avoid, so I change the RSA out fairly frequently. When I went to change out my most recent one, I noticed the RSA I got from Glockmeister (great folks, them, glockparts(dot)com, Lonewolf, and Brownells all have done me right re: Glock spare parts) looked slightly different, was marked differently, and felt a *tiny* bit heavier, though I wasn’t sure if that was because the outgoing spring was worn. I noticed the spring was marked 0-8-2 (reading it left, right center as Glock lists on their website; so that’s 8-2-0 clockwise, or 0-2-8 counterclockwise) instead of 0-8-1 like they usually are. After some Googling I came up dry so I called Glock in Smyrna and spoke to an exceptionally helpful fellow named Dan. Dan told me that the 0-8-2 spring was the newest version of the G26/27/33/39 RSA and when I asked him if there was a difference (not to divulge trade secrets or something) he stated it was “sliiiightly” heavier than the outgoing 0-8-1 spring. I actually find this to be a big plus, and wanted to brag on Glock and Dan for being so helpful and forthcoming with that information, as I am usually not the one to call up a company or a customer service line to ask questions, so that exceptionally positive + candid experience really reinforced that Glock stands behind their stuff.

    Anyways, I figured since the internets was dry when it came to information on this I’d post it up in case someone received the newer spring and did a search on it. Some additional tags for said googler: 0-8-2 2-0-8 8-0-2 0-2-8 Glock 27 G27 G26 G33 G39 recoil spring assembly RSA replacement part number

    Happy Glocking!
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    Thanks for the information, just noticed the 0-8-2 in my gen 4 26 and I have the 0-8-1 in my gen 3 27...guess I will order a new 0-8-2 to have on deck for the 27