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“I Look Out Over My Biden Sign…& I See A Sea Of Trump Flags & Yard Signs”

  1. Well duhhh... she has it exactly right... did he call her a “quartermaster”?
  2. Biden is lost.
  3. [​IMG]
    It will be fun to watch democrats burn with Bidens ship or jump over the side at the last minute
  4. biden wont win with legitimate votes, it's the ballots found in the back storage rooms that show up days later which will enable dems to try to elect biden through the courts that you have to worry about.....

    america does not want a senile president who is only a puppet of the dnc
  5. I just hope Trump manages such a massive victory in key states that even that plan becomes unfeasible.

    But I doubt it, I have family who will still vote for a senile man who can't even get through a whole sentence half the time (even with a teleprompter) because TDS.
  6. I live in southern PA, and in my neighborhood Trump signs outnumber Biden signs by about 7 to 1.
  7. Probbaly 10:1 at least in my area, the only lib sign I've seen in my neighborhood is for state assembly, no Biden sign next to it at least.

    I've thought about putting some Trump signs up (and make sure to have them in some pics of my kids playing just to piss off my MIL) but I live across the street from a public boat dock and I know some jerk from Madison or Chicago will probably mess with it.

    Then I'd have to clean lib bits from my dog's teeth, and it'll be a whole thing.
  8. Traveled about 250 Miles last weekend visiting my aunt in northern MN. Lots of trump signs, did not see a single sign for Biden.

    unfortunately, in MN it’s the two or three big city areas that end up making the difference, and they are all bat **** crazy.
  9. Biden will lose on low turnout alone. They won't be able to create enough fraudulent votes to make up for it.

    I've seen more Trump signs than Biden signs and usually dem signs far outnumber repubs around here.
  10. Though, it does seem some of the support in the twin cities has flagged a bit after they let BLM burn down Minneapolis.

    At least from some of the stuff I've read and heard on various talkshows.
  11. America also doesn't want cheating in an election. (Well, most of 'em I'd hope...) Some is to be expected. But cheating on this scale gets to a whole new level!!!
  12. No way he wins legitimately. He is an empty hat.
  13. I see a lot of Biden signs usually with a ton of school-board signs. Almost as if public schools were a branch of the DNC.
  14. Driving on the highways between KS and OK and saw several Trump signs/flags...not a single “Biduh” sign [emoji16]
  15. Driving on the highways between KS and OK and saw several Trump signs/flags...not a single “Biduh” sign [emoji16]
  16. Very few Biden signs around here.

    I sure hope you guys are right. There's no other country in the world left to go to, if Biden is elected. We're toast.

    It's hard to comprehend how anyone could vote for him. But I know a few people who will. I know a lot more who will vote for Trump.
  17. And there would be many more Trump signs but many Trump supporters are afraid to display a Trump sign fearing that a democRAT(s) will vandalize their property. You know how disrespectful they are regarding other people's property. There are a LOT of silent Trump supporters out there. And we will find out just how many on Nov. 3.
  18. Dems would vote for Bozo The Clown if he were their nominee.
  19. Not only do I want Trump to win, but I want the Senate and House..so that Trump can appoint SCOTUS justices and other federal judge posts.

    Also, Mr. Trump if you are reading this...please, look at lawyers and judges from law schools other than the Ivy Leagues..so far most of them haven't been particularly conservative. There are lot's of great Southern, Midwestern, and Western law schools.
  20. On Friday mornings down here we have what is called a sale barn, it is full of tables...the guy selling Trump flags, shirts, and hats said he sold over 50 Trump flags and many baseball caps and shirts as well in just 4 hours. Tomorrow he sets up in another town north of here and will have the same response...apparently selling Trump gear is a moneymaker..

    I sure as heck haven't seen anyone selling Biden flags or shirts...

    The Trump voters are literally invested in him winning, they are buying his stuff...Biden's people aren't..
  21. I think Biden and Bozo are one in the same. You see Bozo hanging around anywhere?
  22. Yep.

    If Hitler, Stalin, Mao or Pol Pot had a "D" after their names democRATs would would vote for them.