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‘US Guns to Mexico’ Report Feels like ‘Deja vu All Over Again’

  1. From the linked article, quoting some study:
    How, exactly, did this 2013 reach the conclusion underlined above? Did they take a survey? Did a bunch of FFL's actually check the box "Mexican Gun Smuggling" in the category "Things I Do to Stay In Business?

    I'm 'spicious of that report's conclusions.
  2. IF it is true, I'm glad we're exporting something to Mexico that they don't like. They can:
    1. Enforce their northern border
    2. Stop encouraging illegals to come here
    3. Throw out their gun control laws
  3. If you want them to close their border by sending them stuff they don’t want, let’s try sending them all the Mexican citizens we have in prison and the ones illegally here.
  4. This whole narrative about Mexican Drug Cartels smuggling civilian version firearms into Mexico from US gun stores makes no sense at all and is obviously fabricated.
    Why would they seek semi-auto AR15's when military version full auto weapons are readily available on the black market there?

  6. I remember when Fast and Furious was just a conspiracy theory, and we were told it couldn't happen because someone would talk.