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‘‘Twas a good day for the EDC

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Met up at the LGS/Range with my old man and had a great time. Fired my old EDC rounds off and cycled 200 WWB “Target” rounds through her. My pop tested out some new sights on his G23 and is G43. His sights on the 23 were spot on but there is some work to do on the 43. I’m sure he will post his thoughts later.

Even better he picked up a NICE G20.4 that was “used”. Used being about 50 rounds at most by our estimation. Really nice piece. Can’t wait to put some lead down range with a 10!!

Anyway, I’ve got my EDC all cleaned back up and loaded with some new rounds.

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Sounds like a good day.
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Keep that G23 warmed up scoose.....:cold:

How did that Winchester Ranger test out for you.....:af:

She stayed hot!!!

The ranger shoots pretty good, it’s hotter and heavier than regular ol WWB. At 10yds it was about 1/2” higher than WWB. Didn’t shoot any past that distance.
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